Advanced Radon Measurement Service Provider Course

This thread is for students currently enrolled in InterNACHI’s free, online Advanced Radon Measurement Service Provider Course.

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This ought to be an interesting course. The first one was pretty hard and gave me a headache for a while. After I finally understood it, I was wanting to learn more. Well, here I go.


Whew, I sure am glad that’s over with. This course was packed full of information. I have successfully completed both courses on Radon. Actually what I learned a few years back actually payed me big dividends in passing this course today. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be.

Study, study and study more trying to master the information, is they key to passing tough courses like this one.


Getting ready to take the PA radon cert exam. Hope this course in addition to the course material from NRSB will prepare me to pass the exam first try. Thanks for this course

This course just received approval by AARST and NRPP. Visit for details.

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Nice job on the course work Ben.

Has this course been approved by CARST and C-NRPP in Canada?
My certification is due for renewal again in August.

C-NRPP requires Canadian specific content in their approved courses. So, we’re in the process of creating a new Canadian-specific radon course.

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Just finished the first course. I was impressed with the research that went into it. Looking forward to this advanced training. Good job Ben!

Upon completion of this course and passing the final exam will I be able to apply for my testers license in West Virginia or will I need to take a PSI test?

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Starting course

I’m a new Home Inspector and am interested in adding Radon to my services, but I’m not sure how to go about getting certified. I’m in Kentucky. Anyone know the requirements for this state?

The Kentucky Department of Health Radon Program recommends hiring a Certified Radon Measurement Tester who has completed a radon measurement training certification course approved by NRPP and AARST.

Visit the Kentucky website for details.

InterNACHI’s free, online “Advanced Radon Measurement Service Provide Course” is NRPP- and AARST-approved and located is at

Your main page for everything you need in KY is at

Thanks so much, Ben! With each new thing I discover about your website, I am further and further impressed. You guys really do a great job, and as a new (highly overwhelmed) inspector, I can’t sufficiently express the level of my gratitude!

Has anyone seen on the EPA webpage they have an ASHI checklist.

Just seams to be that seeing ASHI on the EPA webpage may be taken as a endorsement of their inspectors and not InterNACHI. By seeing the ASHI name listed it is free advertising for them and makes it look as if they are the ones to call for testing. Not wanting to start a fight with them, just saying that it could be taken as an endorsement is all.

That is my 2 cents.

Do you know when the Canadian version of the course will be available?

Maybe as soon as January 2015.
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Finished the first Radon course, now starting the Advanced

Ben, I am looking to talk to Health Canada (H-C) this week about an MoU regarding this and the previous course. As H-C and the Tarion warranty program here recommend C-NRPP measurement providers and DIY testers, I see no reason why people who have taken this excellent course should be negated. The protocols are based upon the EPA recommendations and anyone should be able to multiply pCi/l by 37 to get the Bq/M3 levels, and then remember in Canada we require 200 Bq/M3 as opposed to the tight 148Bq/M3 level in the U.S.

I am looking forward to taking this coarse…just completed the two courses offered on Mold…