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Yesterday, I attended the GTAR (Greater Tampa Association of Realtors) Tech Expo hosted in the prestigious Tampa Convention Center, expected attendance should exceeded 5000.

The other organization was there in full array for all to see and 'experience'... Needless to say there was no representation of NACHI anywhere to be found.

I believe that if we are to grow in stature and achieve the success and recognition of our realtor peers then there is much work to do. A committee should be formed to promote NACHI to the realtor community-at-large at events such as this without delay. We should have a plan and make it a point to be present at a functions like this.

The Tampa Bay and DC markets are areas that we cannot afford to be lackadaisical in our outward presentation.

Comments and ideas welcome.

Joe Burkeson

Joseph Burkeson, RPI (Hooperette)

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Hi Joe

I agree with you. My opinion on this would be an attack at the Chapter level. It would mean that locals would have to man the boothes touting NACHI rather than the individual inspection companies.

This would take away possible business during these convention times, but it would make a great impact on the regional areas. Chapter's already have the banners. Our documents could be handed out, a looping video tape display with a few of our talented people speaking out on issues.

MOUSE PADS!! or some other give away.

Hit the top 20 - 25 marketing areas, and you're exposing the Orig to pretty close to 250,000 or more agents. Talk about Sudden Impact! ![eusa_whistle.gif](upload://jDjRTI67WYP0oRBoAiUfREM5WMO.gif)

I would be willing to give up a day or two of my time for the bigger picture. Any other thoughts ???