Advice for newbie

Good morning all. I am new to message board and ask a question over the 4th of July weekend and actuallly got allot of kind, helpfull advice. Just wanted to say thank you and ask if there is any advice you can give a girl new to the industry? Not allot of female inspectors in my area. Im in Illinois. I will be starting training with a company week of the 19th and I am excited to get started. But also a little nervous. It can be intimidating working in mostly all men field. lol. So any advice would be helpful!! Thanks again for being so welcoming.


Carry a note pad/clipboard & try to write down anything that is new to you for review/research later.
If you are allowed, pics will help for your review & posting here with questions :cowboy_hat_face:


There are way more women inspectors than you may realize. They typically don’t ‘hang out’ where the guys do for obvious reasons, but trust me, they are out there! If you do the FB thing, check out the many womens inspectors groups.

Megan of Bridge Home Inspection is awesome. Lots of connections with women inspectors and groups. Shoot her an email and tell her your story. I would be surprised if she couldn’t help you with an Illinois connection.
Tell her I referred ya and say hi for me! :wink:


If you haven’t already, get your InterNACHI membership, take full advantage of all of the CE courses available. As @mgoldenberg stated,

Your learning and knowledge will only be what you make of it. Even though you may end up getting snarky responces from time to time, remember this: The only dumb question is the one that is never asked.
Best of luck to you.


Here’s some good tips for you. Best of luck!
Helpful hints for New Inspectors.pdf (230.1 KB)