Advice: If you are going to apply for CMI, do it soon.

You heard it here first.

It would be a good time to review the entry requirements, and perhaps strengthen them.

(No, I am not yet a CMI).

Are they closing the doors? or the standards getting much higher?

This is one of my long term goals, it would suck if they made it impassible. Then people like me wouldn’t even try.

Expecting a ‘rush’ of ASHI members, I suppose.


Nick is not kidding on this one.

Double, or even triple the minimums, IMHO.

It has always made me wonder why more people do not get CMI certified. I mentioned recently with another agent this same question, when she knew one of the requirements was a back-ground check. Hmmmmmmmmmmm.

Speaking of background checks. I got this email yesterday.

Hello Chris,

I have found your company online and what I am searching for is a company that does property preservation and/or inspections.

The type of inspections we conduct are the following:

  • Drive by home inspections
  • Bankruptcy inspections
  • Occupancy check inspections
  • Loss Draft Inspections

Our standard price for inspections** is $8. :roll:**

She will then ask you for your Liability Insurance, W9, and then she will be performing a background check. You will need these to become a part of the team.


I could qualify but see no real benefit…somebody wanna clue me in?

I won’t even start my truck for $8. They will get what they pay for, which is virtually nothing.

Unreal what is going on out there.

CMI is one of the only things in the inspection industry that works for you starting tomorrow morning.

The general public has no idea what membership in different associations means and they don’t care. They assume you are licensed even if you aren’t and so don’t give you any credit for operating legally. They don’t know what it means to be ICC certified or IR certified or any of that. It’s all gibberish to them.

The only thing that the public recognizes as being the best of the best, are these words: “CERTIFIED MASTER INSPECTOR”

Don’t believe me? Line up all your licenses and association memberships and professional designations and insurance certificates on your Mom’s dining room table. Ask her to pick out the one thing that makes you the best of the best. I guarantee she’ll pick your *Certified Master Inspector *cert.

Someone asks why you charge more than your competitor? Tell them you are a Certified Master Inspector.

No explanation needed. Those 3 words do all the talking for you. Ask your Mom.

And with no annual dues… CMI is a no-brainer.

Mom hasn’t answered any questions in close to 20 years now. But thanks for chiming in. In this economy it’s a big investment for someone like me to be considering.

Even in this economy, you are going to spend $375 this year on your biz, I hope. Tell me… where will you get a bigger bang?

I have been advertising my CMI designation heavily this past year. My business is down 50% from 2006. 2010 was down 25% form 2009. RE agents are NOT using their fiduciary duty, and are suggesting their cheap, buddy inspectors, and using contractors for free. Sad here in KC.

It’s guilt.

In years past, the used house salesman would put the sign in the yard and charge his 7% to 8% out of the equity. The perception was that he was “making money” for the seller and claimed a percentage as his share.

Today, his slice of the pie is added to the loss that the seller is taking. Now, a house that is worth 20% less from its 2007 value, with the salesman’s take, it is worth 27% less from its 2007 value.

The buyer’s agent, who shares in the cut, wants to give the appearance of frugality by helping save on the inspection fee.:wink:

And, licensing solved that, too. The $249 guy here is probably getting the business, and is inspecting at that price with termite on any size home, if he is getting any business at all.

Totally frustrating. Young, new home buyers just do not get it, and are getting false sense of security from their used home commissioned sales people. RE offices may be sounding more like used car lots. Sad.

Interesting math: To be down 100% from any prior year would put you at $0 revenue. That would be the signal that it’s time to change professions…

Consumers will not be served and inspectors will not be considered more than a simple commodity until a thick, wide black line is drawn between the home inspector and the used house salesman.

Chuck, I did edit that post. There are only 6 CMI’s operating in the state of Kansas, and in the KC area in Missouri. Very few. One in Kansas I believe is out of business, one is not licensed in Kansas. If agents wanted the best for their clients, I would be busy. My phone is not ringing.

I would have thought if the upper sales agents wanted to promote their upper end homes, they would call the best inspector.

Does the CMI Organization have a presence on Face Book?