Advice: If you are going to apply for CMI, do it soon.

Not that I know of.

Start it up and I will send out a mass email to promote it. Thanks.
Nick can promote it as well.

When the requirements are increased, the documentation is verified and validated I will feel comfortable with applying for this designation. I know marketing is key and the answer to profit challenges in the current economy. I don’t know how this designation devoid of any proof of compliancy serves the public interest. I am about reality and substance, problem is to succeed today fluff and BS seem to matter more. I have no interest in promoting that.

And as often as we argue we agree. Couldn’t have said it any better myself. I was at a conference in an elevator when I had a conversation with a fellow ( I thought ) inspector who lectured me about the importance of wording reports in a manner that would not drive real estate proffessionals away and blackballing my service. He informed me that he was an instuctor. ( I guess that meant I should pay more attention) I politely informed him that ship had sailed long ago. When inspectors fail to realize that their clients interest and concerns are more important than the interests of the other parties we are all sunk. Eventually when you get to it there is only one way it can go either it functions as intended or has a defect related to function or installation. That is the job the home inspector does, he makes that determination without predudice and with no concern or consideration to anything else. When any other consideration comes into play it invalidates the process.

So…the first major advertisement in Florida broadcasting the CMI is in a real estate salesman’s magazine? What happened to “thinking outside of the box”? Oh, well.

Try doing $249 inspections. Not sure what size house that is for but if it takes you 5hrs that would be $50 per hour. Seems ok to me. Do 2 a day.

LOL. Funny.:smiley:

I have multiple businesses and (as we all know or should) its not always easy. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do. Market yourself well and work for what the market allows. It not always fun but thats business. Hell I have work for a lot less an hour…You dont make any money sitting watching Oprah and when the smoke clears and you havent been out there it will be that much harder when nobody knows who you are. I think he said he was looking for a bus driving job for $11…hmmm…$11hr or $50hr.

At $249 a pop…you’d better have multiple businesses.

Full time professional inspectors, however, need to provide a service that is worth much more…and charge accordingly. That is what the CMI designation is designed to do. Set them apart.

Preston - You will hear people say they do not start their car for less than $300. Man I start mine for a $75 termite.

I listen to alot of successful people talk. I try and pick their brain and see what and how they got the way they are. One guy who went from being a Irish immigrant with NOTHING to a multi millionaire gave me one bit of advice. BE AVAILABLE.

If someone needs you, facilitate it. Never give a person a reason to call someone else in your profession. I am not saying to keep up with low ballers. I am saying when someone calls and needs something even if its a $75 termite. GO DO IT! Why? Because when they need a Home Inspection, you become the “go to” guy. That is the way I try and run my business. I never give them a reason to call someone else.

Different strokes for different folks…It works for me…maybe not you.

That would *only *be 62,000 a year working five 5 hour days a week. :wink:

$64,740…Not too bad for starters…But there is that $11 an hour bus route.

I totally agree with you. I have landed $500k projects that came from doing $500.00 of work that took me 2 days. My phone rings nonstop. Some inspections are easy and if I get $350 I am really happy. I had one last week that was for $250 (a repeat client, 2nd inspection for them in 2 month), house was a mess. But she will use me again and reccommendf me to everyone. That $250 inspection could lead to much more. Hey, if some want to sit home who am I to say.

That’s the difference between a business man and a man who owns a business.

Brian writes:

How would you SPECIFICALLY increase requirements? Be very specific. Everyone I’ve asked this of has come back and admitted that the requirements are probably fine the way they are. See if you can be the first to actually articulate what you would like to see the requirements increased to.

Also, here is the current documentation we require to prove 3 years in business:

How would you SPECIFICALLY change the required documentation? Be very specific. Everyone I’ve asked this of has come back and admitted that documentation required is probably fine as is. See if you can be the first to actually articulate what you would like to see as documentation.

Over the years, we’ve received many bland, overly-general criticisms such as “increase requirements” and “validate documentation” but we’ve received very few specific suggestions.

Thanks in advance.

I feel the 1,000 hours (combined, inspections performed and education) is the weakest requirement. An inspector could have taken 950 hours of education, ace’d all the exams, and performed only 50 inspections. I would hardly call that inspector a “Master”. I feel that “inspections performed” should count for ‘at least’ 50% of the 1,000 requirement. Yes I understand someone can perform 950 inspections with only 50 hours of education, and be a crappy inspector. Thus my 50% suggestion.

I think most folks are seeking a third-party endorsement including some kind of peer review which would allow them to screen out those who they don’t think are worthy of the designation, you know… The same old s hit.

The MICB already accounts for this freak possibility. This from the bottom of the CMI application:

Joe Burkeson writes:


Anyway, although CMI doesn’t have annual dues, the entrance fee is being raised to $1,000.00 soon. FYI.

May I ask why?

And is there any other option like pay current dues and qualify later?