All I have to say is WOW!!!

Check out this CMI’s prices.

Oh, I have been wanting to tell you, Scott. You are way too cheap on your mold sampling.:smiley:

Look at the CMI listing for Illinois. One of them has his an e-mail listed to a janitorial company. CMI verification does not exist. Anyone can be a CMI, just make up the info and sign an afidavit, send in the money…instant CMI. Even a janitor can be a CMI!!

With the recent HI pricing I’ve been seeing lately, a lot of desperation (throughout the U.S.) is going on right now.

I will never stoop that low and I will never lower my current pricing.

Good Luck to the low-ballers. You’re working too hard for so little money.

Sounds just like someone that can become a certified home inspector.

Therer you go again, Greg slamming A$HI again.

Heck, I’ve raised my prices twice since the market crashed. I tell all price shoppers to go somewhere else.


Wow, A CMI and he charges a third less than I do for a 2500 sq ft house… He must not think much of his own services…

I get more than that for a simple one bedroom condo inspection. I would be working my tail end off at those prices just to meet my business operational costs and personal income requirements.

It amazes me why someone would want to give away their time, education, and experience for peanuts.

Hell there are many that would do that condo for $99 in Florida.

Depends on the market prices in your area. Some areas can demand higher fees while places like FL there are HI dropping out of the trees and many new guys coming through the gate every day. They naturally want to establish themselves and offer lower prices so some inspectors do likewise to keep their doors open otherwise they would be out of business. This is normal marketplace practice. Law of supply and demand. One size does not fit all as there are numerous variables to consider when setting fees. I’ve not walked in his shoes so I do not know his situation. For all I know he could be an eccentric millionaire HI who likes doing home inspections and does not need the money.

Forget the price…

Structural evaluations?

We dont perform structural evaluations.

Our SOP does not cover structural EVALUATIONS.[/size][/FONT]

Help me… I can’t find what your talking about.
The CMI with Service Master. Service Master is a cleaning company not an inspection company.

The CMI person in question shows his listing as…

“ServiceMaster H.H.K., Inc.” which does not look like the same company
as ServiceMaster, as shown on the website.

I might be wrong, but it does not look the same to me. I doubt that
a single individual can list himself as ServiceMaster, since each branch
is a sub-branch of their mult-service company.

“ServiceMaster H.H.K., Inc.” appears to be his own company. He is
listed on the internet as an air quality and mold inspector also.

On the other hand… the other ServiceMaster has many functions…

One of the branches of ServiceMaster is AMERISPEC which is
a home inspection franchise…

ServiceMaster is not just a janitorial service.

Please verify this if you feel that janitors are being accepted as CMI’s.

Each applicant has to submit proof of being in the inspection business
for at least 3 years. If a mistake was made, I want to correct it, but
we need to make sure about the facts.

Expect crickets. :mrgreen:

ServiceMaster is the Amerispec franchiser. Amerispec is one of the larger home inspection franchises in the world.

Acceptable proof of the 3 years in business requirement taken straight from

There is not an Amerispec franchise listed in Oak Park IL., which is the address the guy Linas is referring to is using and he is not listed as being licensed in IL. either.

It appears they are into cleaning and restoration for water and fire damage, indoor air quality, mold inspections, etc… based on my research on google.

Some contractors do inspections, but not home inspections. CMI is not limited to just a home inspection.

So you can be a meat inspector and be CMI. CMI is not just home inspections. That’s funny.:stuck_out_tongue: CMI- Certified Meat Inspector