This may seem like a silly question, but is anyone actually paying the $1000 fee to become a CMI? When it cost $50 bucks it may have been worth the investment, but $1000?

Yes many have paid $1,000;00 and some who are not a CMI will tell you it is useless.
Those who are a CMI are sure it is a great Investment .
I guess you have missed those posts on the forum

I guess.
That’s the reason for this thread. I’m asking.
Are you a CMI Roy?

Ask him what he paid :wink:

Ahhh. Good question.
If you are a CMI Roy…what did you pay?

I’m not knocking CMI. I’m questioning the cost.

I paid more then some others and less then $1,000.00 .
I paid the fee and my wife paid her fee that was charged at that time .
Like others who now Join NACHI they pay more then you did and will for life .
I feel CMI was well worth the cost and still is worth the fee.
I guess you did not have the qualifications to get it when the price was lower same as many others.
All the best … Roy…
I do not know if there is any other Husband and Wife team of CMIs

I am a CMI and is it worth it? I guess it depends, its a one time fee and your one for life unless you break the COE. So if you plan on being an inspector for another 10 years, is it worth $100 a year?

The question I have is what does it get you? They do nothing but bank the money. There is like $100K in the bank just sitting there. They say its 'in case" money. Which is fine, but seems rather dumb to me.

I never heard anyone saying they hired me because I am a CMI, but maybe they have. Maybe its a small piece of a puzzle that leads to the whole picture.

I would probably do it again, I paid like $350 or something. But its a personal decision. The way I look at all the stuff I do, is I get 34% off everything I buy for the company. Because I would have paid 34% in taxes on that money.

Personal decision, but $1000 towards marketing is always money well spent in my eyes.

I have been thinking about this alot. I was wondering if it was worth the fee? Can you give us some insight on why you feel it is worth it?
I have great respect for you and value your opinion.

[quote=“rhensel, post:8, topic:66740”]

I never heard anyone saying they hired me because I am a CMI, but maybe they have. Maybe its a small piece of a puzzle that leads to the whole picture.


That’s funny cuz just today at an inspection the client told me they initially called me because I have the CMI seal on my truck… I’m also told by potential clients that I’m the first call because I advertise CMI, of those phone calls, I’m at a 90 % booking rate, with lost inspections going either to the cheap guy in town or the competition checking pricing. Maybe you should start asking clients if CMI provoked them to call you. I would be interested in what you find out.

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I would think a lay person would perceive a “MASTER Inspector” as more qualified than an “Inspector”…and would at LEAST call them first.


Its all about advertising Example My Truck Plate is
I had Roy’s Home Inspection on My Truck When People ask about me I state I am a CMI
Certified Master Inspector and MY wife is also a CMI WE are the Only team of CMIs in Ontario and there is only 32 in Ontario and Our Company has three .
Its the same as you have a company logo on you shirt well I had CMI on my shirt and CMI on My Truck and mentioned on My radio show I was a CMI .
It seems to stick in Peoples Mind . Skip and I did a Home Inspection in Kingston and before we started the Lady said I always have used a CMI to do my inspections are either of you a CMI ,
Skip and I both opened our Coat and she saw the Crest a BIG Sigh thanks I was worried and she left us to do our Job .
Yes I feel it was worth every penny . Now retired but yes I say do it . See

I expect you always wear this shirt


For whatever* it’s worth*.

There’s more than 3,000 inspectors in Illinois and only 4 have purchased a CMI logoso far, and they are all in the Chicago area. None have bought the logo after the price was raised.

If I was In Chicago and one of those four I would be extremly happy to see all those guys saving their money .

I know I have gotten jobs because of my CMI. I suspect I have gotten quite a few others because of it also. I don’t ask as often as I should about why a client chose me.

A grand is just not that much money when you break it down. If it gets a few jobs, you break even…and its a lifetime cert.

I just checked, there’s only four CMI’s in the entire STATE of NJ.

THEY should be happy to see an awful lot of other inspectors saving THEIR $.


I ask every time how/why someone chose me… About 40% its due to CMI.

I do not market the CMI…
so I can not determine how much is directly attributed to the CMI…

I know that NACHI is superior to **** and that marketing has worked…

David face it, even with a CMI youll never be superior to me. Maybe you should ride along and lean a few things then you can advertise you worked with me on your site.

That should flood you with business.