You can now become a CMI for nothing down and $41.66/month for 24 months.

A new payment option is offered to those wishing to be a Certified Master Inspector.

$41.66/month for 24 months, nothing down, 0% interest, the professional designation is good forever, no annual dues.

The option is offered when you apply here:

HMMMMM why am I not surprised

If I could make it completely free for members, I would, but I can’t.

Chief was the only title that ever interested me and I made that grade at 28 years of age:D:D

Certified Master Inspector isn’t a title designed to be attractive to home inspectors.

It’s a title designed to be attractive to consumers about to hire home inspectors.

Yeah yeah how many times have you said that to me I don’t have enough fingers to count them all???

The only thing that you ever stated and it made a beleiver of me was the term (raise your prices) I did and have not looked back:D

Still, sometimes a consumer will just up and ask “How do you justify charging more than the other guy?” It’s nice to have a quick response that the consumer accepts as meaningful: “Because I’m a Certified Master Inspector.

I always have a quick response (I do more) ( I see More) my IR company name is CMOR meaning (see more) I always justify my prices with IR and my level of training in IR:mrgreen:

Yep, pointing to something that differentiates you from your average home inspector is a great way to justify a higher fee schedule.

Good post for the CMI forum Charley, thanks!

Your most welcome they need all the help they can get:p

Certified Master Imbecile
Good luck selling this scam.

I don’t always agree with Linas but he nails it this time. After seeing the questions some of the CMI’s post I’d rather not be lumped into their group.

Gee I also see some strange things done by those who lead our country.
This just shows not all are perfect in every thing.
I am glad at least they do ask.
I am more concerned with those EXPERTS??? who do not ask.

But Roy…a CMI that doesn’t know the difference between hip/ridge bracing and temporary supports??? Lets get real! A MASTER inspector should know these simple things don’t you think?

Certified Master Inspector sells itself, by itself. They are the most powerful three words in our industry when it comes to marketing directly to consumers.

Don’t let your business decisions be clouded by… what… some kind of roof bracing comment from some other inspector in another state or something. Focus on you, your business, and conquering your market with whatever weapons are available to you. If you had kids to feed, you’d understand. Forget the big war, your war is your local market share battle.

Yes I agree.
But I also think a person in this industry should know it is wrong to post filthy pictures .
I also think some of these experts post lies and attack others instead of trying to help and improve all.
So if our Hommie needs help lets bring him up too a better level instead of ridiculing him.
The industry always will have some who lack proper training .
They soon get weeded out .
NICK is in the process of removing many who are not still in the industry.
Great discussion it might help some to improve .
The best I can do is try and ignore those who abuse the system.

If it sells so well why are you having to offer payment options now?? BTW I raised all of my kids thanks. And $1000 would buy said kids a LOT of groceries and be better spent in my opinion.

I disagree. CMI is the investment that keeps on feeding your kids.

George, I’m so convinced that CMI works and will make you lots of money (I listen to CMIs tell me it works every day)… I’ll make you a deal so that we can get CMI working for you: Apply for the designation, but don’t pay on page 3 of the application (just stop at the bottom of page 2)… and I’ll personally make your payments until you’re convinced that being a Certified Master Inspector is making you more money than $41.66/month. Once you’re convinced, you let me off the hook and make the last of the payments yourself. You will be a CMI for life (MICB charges no annual dues) without taking on any risk that it might not be profitable. If you are thrilled, you need not pay me back ever, give the money to your kids. Deal?

Roy are you saying that I posted filthy pictures?

I will certainly consider the offer. How exactly will this make me money? I remember one CMI’S claim that CMI was actually hurting his business because the designation scared agents?