Do not delay become a CMI today

I just want to remind you guys the fee is going up to 2,500 dollars the first of the year
it was the best decision I made all year I cannot tell you how many people ask me about it when they see it on my website and on my reports with the logo on them. It really seems to set you apart from the competition in the clients mind. Happy New Year to you all. I will catch up with y’all next year.

What did you pay Mike?

If it sets you apart from the competition why are advising more to join you as a CMI?

The same reason you would encourage someone to follow and take the pledge. Something good is worth encouraging others to go for, especially your fellow NACHI members. :slight_smile:

Didn’t Mike get his for free ?

Why do you need to know???

I think he paid the same price Roy did.

Question from a question.
Why do you need to know why I need to know ?

Facts are facts and if he got it free it was not a decision to spend hard earned money for a logo.
Mike also is not a regular working inspector anymore.

Why are you getting involved Roy ?

seems like some ask about who gets a free CMI and ignore others who get free memberships some things are better left in quiet, I see no advantage in singling out and possible embarrassing some of our members .
If Mike is not a working member he is just one of many .
.How many inspections a year must a person do too be a working member ???

Many of us recall NACHI was promised to never have a tier system and we all know CMI is nothing more than a logo but it confuses the public to thinking CMI is better than being a NACHI member which it is not.

I am not a CMI logo bragger but do you consider all CMI logo purchasers to be better than myself Roy ?

Are the dues I pay being used to give away gifts to CMI members rather than regular members ?
CMI was not supposed to even be a part of NACHI but it sure seems to be commingling now doesn’t it .

CMI should not be taking from the real members here .

You will not be so logo happy when NIck has CMI level 1 ,2,3,and 4 with higher price structure for each in the near future or are you depending on a free handout like Mike got?

Sure it is.

CMIs pay dues AND the CMI fees.

Get your facts straight.
What recurring dues are they paying ?

Never have and never will charge anything to become a COM member .

Only requirement is to sport a beard or show respect for for the beard.

That’s not correct. CMI has a Onetime membership fee.

Also Nick has repeatedly said that CMI and INachi are Not related.

Though things appear to be changing. This is the first year there were “prizes” designated to CMI’s only at the INACHI Christmas Party. I found that rather strange.

I have to agree about setting folks apart in this manner. I have considered it over the past couple of days, but it really comes down to spending more money. I agree, it simply becomes a tier system at some point and I am not really interested in that. I am very sure that will not impact my marketing or make someone appear more competent then me in my market. I don’t feel like people are making decisions based upon that…at least 80% of my customers are not. And the other 20% are really about how fast I can get to them. Not one of my customers mentioned my credentials in our conversations to hire me. I am an IICRC firm. These courses are rigorous as well and there is a lot of other experience and training that goes with that. They don’t really seem to care and when I start telling them, they gloss over quickly and redirect the conversation. They care about what I offer for service, how much and how soon. Not particularly in that order. As I don’t want to seem like I am putting anyone down for achieving it (achievement is certainly achievement), I am not sure I will invest in this manner in the future or be inclined to. This isn’t an attempt to be negative about it as I do really respect the folks who have chosen to do it. But the cost/benefit does not seem to be there for me.

The majority of CMIs are paying the very NACHI dues you are concerned about. They also pay the fee which is three or more times the cost of most NACHI member’s dues, and it’s rising.

The idea that NACHI members are purchasing gifts for CMIs is absurd. If you recall, nonmember CMI’s were not allowed to participate in the Christmas giveaway. Get YOUR facts straight.

Which also seems rather strange.

What has been provided by CMI as of now is worth the 1000+one time payment. What is in store will triple that next year.

I think you present a valid argument, there are many forces at work attempting to divide our profession and pit one inspector against another, there appears to be profit in it so I guess it will be allowed to continue.

I believe the biggest division though lies not with CMI, but between those who believe the ultimate goal is to work yourself to death attempting to become rich multi-inspector firm and those of us who wish to remain independent home inspectors, and that is what is at the core of all of the divisions.

Yep you are correct about forces with in trying and succeeding in dividing the members.
We have all seen these attacks and most do nothing .
I do not remember you standing up to any of these bullies .
I do not remember you standing up to those who are attacked over religion
I do not see the difference in these attacks .
Disagreement’s are one thing attacks are not needed,


I see your post as an attack.

You are a passive aggressive piece of crap.