Certified Master Inspector

Looks to me Like Certified Master Inspector is starting to show How great it is .
I just had A client call and said I understand you are a Certified Master Inspector .
He said I went to your web site and I am impressed I have a two year old home and I want YOU! to come and tell me what I need to do to keep it it repair.
Boy it sure was nice to talk to this person he was so enthusiastic it made my day .
We booked an Inspection for next week .
This person is an appraiser and with luck could lead to getting the CMI mentioned to all appraisers in Ontario ,possible Canada.
There is no doubt how peoples eyes light up when I tell them they have two CMIs doing their inspection and how good this Level of the industry is.
I understand this is just the tip of the ice berg and lots more to come .
My recommendation is if you have the qualifications to be a CMI then seriously think about getting it .
Just ask some one who know little about the industry who they should hire
A Registered Home inspector or
A Certified Master Inspector.

Works for me and could work for you too!

… Cookie

Heres a suggestion …
CMI in Canada should have a TIPR component. What do you think? Is this viable? Should CMI in Canada be modelled after the National? That would level the playing field in my opinion.

my concern is this: certified MASTER inspector. One could read this as , you do not miss anything and know all there is to know about a house.
I would be a bit worried about the potential law suits that could develop.
What makes a person a master inspector over someone who is a CRI and has been doing inspections for over 12 years with no isues? i think it is only the name. i would rather have the certified and leave out the master.

Don’t see the issue considering that inspections are visual in nature, and a title suggests a level of experience. As with any title to error is human, titles won’t prevent screw ups anymore than other professions such as doctors and lawyers. They still screw up. You cannot remove human error as long as humans are making decisions, if that makes sense.

I agree Roy. The C.M.I. has set me apart from the “also rans”. I have had quite a bit of interest in the designation and it has brought a lot of business my way this year. C.M.I. is a valuable asset to any inspector.

" i think it is only the name " Yes but it is what the public see is what counts.
If they know I am the best and use me then all are satisfied.

To each his own I guess you do not have the confidence in your training and inspections .
Well I guess I am satisfied that I am doing the right thing.
Good luck on your future … Cookie

Raymond the TIPR components is a great idea, however, my earlier suggestion was exactly that to Nick in an earlier forum discussion. Seems he felt it was not relevant at that time. Perhaps the time and thinking has changed.

TIPR’s are basically an audit and compliance issue, saying that one can inspect, and assuring that they meet the required benchmarks - sometimes leads to very surprising results. If you get my drift approximately 10% of the TIPR candidates in the “pilot project” did not sucessfully meet the benchmarks.

i was wondering when this would occur.
I am not going to get into a pissing match about who has more experience and who is sure of themselves.
I will just let you win this match, cause i am tired of everyone trying to prove who is best.
I only stated my concern over the name you use. If you feel goood with it then so be it. I may have a couple thousand plus, inspections under my belt and have never had a lawsuit. But i am not going to claim to be a master at anthing. i am still learning and will always be. once a person claims to be master, they can fall down hard. I will never decieve my clients about who or what i am about, if you feel good about it then so be it. good luck in your endeavors, I only hope you do not find yourself defending the title in a court.

Thanks Claude but unfortunately we are still going on nothing but hear say information . 10% of ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? =?
The information comming out from you and others is ?
We do not know who is NC and who is not NC we do not know if there is 2 or 222 after two~ years still no meat.
I see no reason why I as a NACHI member should get excited about the NC.
The Certified Home Inspector is out there for all to see who where they live and how many there are.
The CMIs and the CMI want to be are all able to ask questions and usually get an answer.
The cost is much more sensible compaired to the NC.
It seems to me that you and others are not giving any information on the NC because it is going no where.
If it was successfull you and all the rest would be blowing your horns non stop…
The returns are now for those who are CMIs, yes I turned away 8 inspections this week .


For an experienced inspector, your doing good John… it only took you 13 posts, :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: if you continue questioning certifications that can be purchased from Nicky with no verifications, the next post they will be calling you a nahi shill, or believe your in with Mallory to put them out of business.

The National Certification has the CAHPI site the OAHI site and it has been posted on a couple of Non affiliated sites in the USA. It has Bill mullens Canuk BB.
It is very frequently pushed big time on the NACHI site and what do we have ??? .
NACHI has given cart Blanch to those who wish to see the NC succeed and what has NACHI received in return Zip.
The NC was given the opportunity to speak at the NACHI conference and what has CAHPI done for NACHI Zip
When I or others challenge a NC post we get called some not very nice names . We sorry this is our home and to see those from the NC come into our home and treat us so poorly is sad and when I or others retaliate just a littel we get treated very poorly. We care not allowed to have any information posted on the BB of those in Canada .
This to me is completely one sided and fair play is not used at all by those who could show some courtesy.

I do agree completely with NICK giving the NC use of our BB it shows what poor sports they are .
I also agree with NICK not being too interested in cooperating with the TIPR as we have the best by far with the CMI for sure .
… Cookie

If the Inspector claims to be more educated and experienced (CMI) than
his competition, then the Client may choose that inspector over another.

But then, the Client will also expect more. Therefore be prepared to deliver.

So I can claim less, charge less, and stay low, so no one will expect much
of me… so I don’t get in trouble.

or… I can claim more, charge more and provide a more thorough inspection
than anyone else in the area. By doing a superior inspection is a better way of
staying out of trouble, IMHO.

CMI enables an inspector to distinguish himself from his competitors with
three powerful words, and therefore charge a higher and more respectable
fee in the process. Some Clients will pay more for quality, when they
perceive that’s what they are buying. Marketing to the to low end
consumers with the cheapest price is not always the best business plan
in the long run.

If you master the professon, and do indeed provide a better inspection,
you can sleep with peace at night. At some point, you may also have
to abandon the idea of writing an easy report to please the Realtor.

Why would you want CMI to be lowered to the RHI level?


Sorry I gave that impression, that was not the intent. I don’t think it would lower CMI but make it comparable or equal, and keep Nachi members from leaving for a less than equal competitive title. Remember OAHI does not have a mentoring program, let alone any form of TIPR program. Besides why would anyone want to jump hoops in OAHI given its propensity to be run by a corrupt administration that is in breach of its by-laws.


There is no evidence what so ever that home inspectors titles have ever been challenged in court. I can tell you that what has been challenged is the inspectors ability to owe a duty of care/standard of care. It reasons that an experienced inspector regardless of title will be sued for negligent misrepresentation.

Having said that once again Mr. Harris as usual doesn’t know what the he ll he is talking about, but knows how to shoot his mouth off like a loser who wants to appear important.

Mr. Harris once again prove your facts. Its easy to mouth off and claim all sorts of things which is typical of you. Do your really decieve your clients this way?

From my general understanding OAHI and all Equivalency bodies would have to comply - that includes delivery of TIPR’s.

Mentoring is optional by the provincial bodies. A number of private vendors and training providers are offering mentoring. A mentor would be required to sign a stat dec - indicating that the inspector has fulfilled the minimum of 50 hours of mentoring.

Vern - I felt Raymond’s TIPR suggestion was a good one towards offering another area of measuring performance competency. Without it - it leaves a huge gap in the area of rigor and credibility from a performance measurement standard.

Certainly it does not equate to a guarantee that the inspector always performs to the same standard. It is a means to assure and audit compliance with the standards of practice, and measure an inspectors accuracy and effectiveness in finding significant defects and hopefully accurately reporting them.

I do not see where the CMI program accomplishes that task.

Claude I wonder can you tell us of one active association that has any TIPR in the home inspection industry.
I am not trying to say it would or would not be a good idea.
It does not seem to have happened in the past so I wonder why it should be tried now.
I can see a lot of very unneccesary expense and costing many a lot of money for no reason.

… Cookie

What ??? are we now talking about the National Certification.
This is at this time just a lot of ideas from a self appointed few .
Not even active yet and I expect more changes could be announced before it is even launched if it does get launched.

… Cookie

Yes, it is used in certain chapters of ASHI. At one time it was part of a mandatory process. I have had several experiences with the program and process. Much of the credit for TIPR goes to ASHI and the Great Lakes Chapter, for hosting these events on a periodic base.

I have studied the process and revised and tweaked it to suit the needs of inspectors for the NC process in Canada.

On the issue of mentoring “Humber” college has already run the first group of mentored inspectors through the home inspection program. There are a number of others already doing such as such as Charters and his group, as well as other training providers.

The standards bar is being arised, like it or not!