Advice Needed

Hi Guys! I regularly produce my own news letter, trot it off to Office Depot and pay to have it copied. As we all know these guys are in the business to make money and they don’t seem to have any qualms about taking mine!!!

I have been thinking that I should buy a colour laser printer and produce my own news letters, brochures etc. Here is where the advice thing comes in;

Do any of you have a suggestion about what printer I should be looking at, cost per page ( colour), cost of cartridges etc? I am about two hours out of Syracuse N.Y. so I can get to most of the big electronics retailers. Any help is most welcome.

Pending on how many and how often you put out your news letter, if it is a lot and often, I would just suggest you keep going to Office Depot. By the end of the year you should enough cash back awards to buy one anyway.

Anyway if you really want the best HP 2550 is one solid machine.

I use a dell 3100cn color laser.
Available as refurb.
I’ve had it 2 years with no trouble.
Great color, cheap per page.

It’s built like a tank and is almost as heavy .
2 trays and can be networked.

Any idea what it costs / page ? Michael did you get that direct from Dell?

Thanks Frank. I googled that HP ( and I am a big HP fan ) but it is no longer available.

I got it from Dell outlet but it not available as of today as least.
The 5110cn is however.

Here is the PC mag REVIEW with costs and rating for the 3100cn.
I think I paid $250 shipped to my door 2 years ago. YMMV

Remaned toner cartridges and drums are available as well.

This about the same HP Color LaserJet CP3505 Printer series](** **

It’s nice Frank but I paid less than half that.

epson cx9400

You might be able to find one here.

The fact of the matter is, Staples and Office Depot make very little money on copies. A family member of mine owns a print shop, and I know this because they offer copies below his cost. Unless you live a long way away from your printer, my advice is stick with 'em.