Need new printer

I am looking to replace my lex-mark printer/fax would like any suggestions as to the best bang for the buck. I print about 500 letters per month and the Ink is a rip-off. Would like to print more flyer’s and other materials but the price of ink makes it unrealistic just wondering type of machine is the best.

So simple to refill do it all the time my wife and I go through about 1,000 + sheets a month . She has a lex mart printer scanner 3100.
I have a old c62 Epsom and two spares yard sale $5.00 for mine .
I have refilled one cartridge at least 20 times . cost less then $2.00 time about two minutes .had to buy a cartridge chip reseter $15;00 for the Epsom

Cookie, I’ve known about having several chipped tanks, to refill & use in rotation to fool the system, but I’ve not known about chip resetters.
Got a link for those (all brands?)



I bought mine in a local store here in Canada .
I just went to gogle Epson printer Chip Restter and got a bunch .
go here… Cookie for the epson. I’d have to know what you have to see if there is a resetter for it.

Cool- never even knew about 'em - thanks!

I"ll check them out for my canon MP600 & Jeanne’s
Lexmark Z645!

I’ve already disabled the chip recognition for the existing canon tanks I have. But, they give no warnings now, either . . .

I have the same problem with the CD printer I use for home inspector pro. The printer told me it was out of ink about 200 cd’s before it really was. What a scam! Luckily I could keep overriding it.

A tip try and fill before MT .if cartridge does not want to print well Rubbing Alcohol 1/4 inch in a Bottle lid and leave to soak.
I make sure I use ink that says for that Printer I understand some sell universal inks .been told not a good idea .
Gogol search got this

Directions to fill

mp 600


I broke down a few years back and bought a new $300 color laser on Ebay. I wore it out in about two years. I print all my presentation materials. First time I printed several hundred flyers on both sides on an inkjet, it took way too long.

Colored lasers are awesome if you are printing stuff back at home/office, or if you can hook it up in a big van. HP has a several models that are great!

I have been with the Xerox “Free Color Printers” program for many years.

Check it out…

You bet for a profesional job only way to go have HP2600 for a few years now. .
But I also have two ink jets that I use for most things.

I use an HP laserjet 1018 for black and white. It’s fast and cheap to run.

And I use an HP Photosmart D7260 for color.

It works as a good combo for us.

Some criteria to determine longevity of printers are:

  1. Separate print heads

  2. Separate colors. Not just black and multi-color but Magenta, Cyan, yellow and black. That way, when you are out of one color, you replace just that one color and dont have to throw away the cartridge because your out of just one color.

  3. You cannot trust the pages per minute the brochure declares at the store when printing out a report or pictures.

  4. Whatever you buy, you should come home set it up and time how long to print out a sample report. If its more than 10 minutes its too long

The best printers I have used is HP with the criteria above. Not all HP’s are fast. I am sure there is another model out by now, but the HP office jet pro K 550 is fast and i can print a 30 page report with 30 pictures in under 8 minutes. you can look at some here

You can also set your printer to print ‘draft’ mode which will dramatically increase the speed. Of course you have to see if the quality of the print is good enough on your printer. On some, it is. It might be even less of a factor if your printing and delivering a digital report.

Some Inspectors who print on site will print the report without pictures in black ink and then upload the report with pictures and color.