Advise on tool carriers

Is there anyone out there who uses a rolling tool carrier? Can you recommend one? I have checked out the internet on some that look good, but the reviews are not good. Apparently those made of plastic break easily, and the ones made of metal are very expensive.


I use one of these for everything I need

back up tools are in a bigger case in the truck

Troy also keeps it handcuffed to himself at all times…:slight_smile:

I use this, works great and its a great company. I had a zipper break on a bag I had for 4 years and 6 months and they sent me a new bag under warranty.

Thanks Troy. It looks on the small side. I like the idea of the adjustable volumes inside.

This is what I use. Bigger tools in the car trunk.

Search for B&W International. Or “B&W Rhino tool case”

My next tool bag will probably look like this:

Home Depot…Husky has a really nice and inexpensive canvas type bag that has been great for me. It is big and has a telescoping handle.

I have been considering one of these

I use a tool belt, hols my high use items:

electrical testers, moisture meter, probe, screwdriver, 2 flashlights, anemometer, magnet, camera, smart phone. That’s 95% of what I need. I keep a regular plastic box in the truck with lab test stuff.

I have some other tools in the truck (not often used) too…bolt cutters, pry bar, hammer, big channel locks, wrenches…

You guys have given me plenty of choices. Thanks to all.

Pelican boxes are really nice but very expensive. I have found similar boxes at military surplus for a fraction of the price. They are actually made by pelican and called “hardigg”. If you have a local military surplus store…call them up, its hit or miss what sizes you can find but they are generally a pretty good deal. I got a nice size case for $20.00 which would have cost $80 if it was a new pelican box. They are a bit lighter but still very solid and waterproof.

I use a “Daniel”. Great for carrying ladders, tool belts, laptop, and is skinny enough to fit any crawl space or attic hatch, and is not afraid of spiders.

Only costs me $50 per inspection! :mrgreen:

I use a vest
The only 2 things I don’t have on it is my rotary lazer level and TI camera.
Each pocket is assigned to a tool, makes it easy to see if I’ve packed everything before leaving.

I tried a vest and I found it to be too hot for summer inspections. The one I have has a ton of mesh but still, the extra layer makes a difference.

I have a black tool belt with either zipper or velcro closures on each pouch. It saves me a lot of time and its low profile enough that I can keep it on when crawling. It took some time to find the right size pouches that have secure closures (either velcro or zippers). I will likely stick with the belt year round. I worked to make sure it looks like an “inspectors belt” and not a contractors tool belt.