Bought Myself A Present.

Bought myself a new tool bag to carry to my inspections. Price was a little steep. but nothing wrong with treating yourself every now and then.

Anyone else use one??

Wow, nice.

I could not get all my equipment in that bag. I’m thinking of getting a hard cased wheeled carrier for those times when I have to do a high rise condo and park far away.

Your bag looks nice. Hope you enjoy it.

Husky tool bag. I’ve had it for 4 years and not problems.
Less than $40.

Looks like a nice bag. I where a pouch with most of my tools in it but keep my IR camera, moisture meter… in my soft case briefcase. May have to look into one of these for myself.

Nice, I carry a brief case/ smaller than that, has a 3 ring binder inside it, and a spot for my tablet, business stuff but no tools. My tools are all on my tool belt. I got it at staples for like $65

That one does look nice.

I was thinking one these