Age of a Lennox Heat Pump

I say 07/2003…

The Listing Agent advertised the Heat Pump as NEW / 2012

Seller has corrected Disclosure stating it was purchased and Installed in 2009…


MFG July 2009

First 2# Location Marshalltown,Iowa

Second 2# Year 03

Next Letter G = July

This unit was manufactured in 2003. Many HVAC companies sell “new”, or remanufactured units to unsuspecting home owners for cheaper prices.

“Oh, I am selliing the home anyway, so as long as the unit works, and price is cheap, that would help me”.

I suggest to get the buyer and/or his/her agent to retrieve documentation of the installation from the HVAC company/home owner.

New HVAC installations run in the thousands to switch to R410, which most all units will have to be eventually. R22 here is running $350 a pound, and supplies here will run out in about two years, if not sooner. This, IMO, was a band-aid replacement.