Age of Brad-White 50 gall w.h.?

Any ideas. This is a 82 build.


July 1981 or July 2001, so I would probably guess July 1981 for a 1982 build.

by the looks of it yes, probably 81. thanks

In case you did not see this link. Nice one to bookmark.


July 2001

The link would not pulll up. Has it been moved?

You must be using Firefox. The link still works, but only with Internet Explorer. Darn.

Actually I am on Int Exp. I probably was not clear. The link does pull up but the box in the middle of the page does not let me enter the brand.

Here is what I get

( 0553.jpg)


A 1964
A 1984
A January

B 1965
B 1985
B February
The first letter in the s/n is the year of manufacture with A being 1964 or 1984 (they use a 20 year cycle). They skip the letters “I, O, Q, R, U, and V” to make the full cycle.
Due to a computer error, Bradford-White manufactured some water heaters with a s/n beginning OA. These units are from January 1997
C 1966
C 1986
C March
D 1967
D 1987
D April
E 1968
E 1988
E May
F 1969
F 1989
F June
G 1970
G 1990
G July
H 1971
H 1991
H August
J 1972
J 1992
J September
K 1973
K 1993
K October

L 1974
L 1994
L November

M 1975
M 1995
M December

N 1976
N 1996

P 1977
P 1997

S 1978
S 1998

A123456D Manufactured April 1964
T 1979
T 1999

KC12345 Manufactured March 1973
W 1980
W 2000

GH8890962 Manufactured August 1990
X 1981
X 2001

Y 1982
Y 2002

Z 1983
**Z 2003 **


Same thing i got yesterday, I’m using Explorer 7,

I’ve never been able to use that link, and I’ve tried various versions of AOL, Explorer, Netscape, and Firefox. Just doesn’t like me.

I couldn’t either a year or so ago for so many attempts that I quit trying to use it but since this latest posting of the link, it works for me. :smiley:

Same here…Last year I got nothing from that specific link. This year it works great on IE.