age of Nortron electric furnace?

Does anyone know when Nortron made their electric furnaces 21B15 and 21FE15 ?

No response from anyone? Well, since I have some stalkers who check on my every post, I’ll post here hoping that someone can help us here.

By the way, I would need the serial numbers rather than the model numbers. But I’m sure there are some Preston’s people (hereafter, “PP”) who can help us. My Preston’s was never returned by a former employee, so I’m no longer a PP, and I haven’t gotten around to replacing it since I never really liked it or used it much.

Okay, PP’s where are you? Help us out here!

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Russel, unfortunately Preston’s doesn’t help here as they don’t cover electric furnaces unless they are part of the internal coil of a heat pump.

This appears to be a stand alone Electric furnace



Well, darn. What good are PP’s then? :margarit:

So if we can get the serial number, I can probably help. I typically don’t care if they are gas, electric, or solar. Solar? :margarit:

The furnace is a stand alone unit. There was very limited information on the name plates. There was no serial no. I normaly don’t really date the furnaces on a regular HI but I have about 46 of them to date for a property management company. They all fall under the above mentioned model numbers. I tried to find the manuf. on the web but could not locate it.

Perhaps I will see what I can get of the blower motor and assume that the furance date is some what close to the motor componet.

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Paul, it appears that Nortron is a brand name of Broan, check this link out :

I’d give them a call to see if they can give you the production dates



Broan-NuTone Canada Inc.,
1140 Tristar Drive, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada L5T 1H9


Broan eh? Thanks guys.

Reverse the first two digits. 21 is 2012

Mr. McKay…

You may want to reconsider your posting. The original post was crafted in 2007. I sincerely doubt that they had a 2012 unit.