How do I determine a Square D Electrical Panel Age

Tomorrow, I need to let a client’s insurance company know the approximate year his electrical panel was replaced or he will be dropped. His home was built in 1959 and he is sure his panel was replaced about 20 years ago and that appears to be so because of the condition of the breakers and panel. It’s currently a Square D Panel with no replacement permit on file.

SERIAL NO. L892514361
BOX CAT NO. QON24M125 Series G1

Number Tag1.JPG

Number Tag1.JPG

Number Tag1.JPG

Number Tag2.JPG

The breakers might have some date codes on them.

That panel looks to be less than 30 yrs to me and 20 is probably close.

Why do you have a picture of a fan coil data plate on here?

Call the manufacturer…

I called Square D yesterday and they got several people involved. They said the floating deadfront on the cover was released for production in 1981 so the panel has to be 1981 or newer. I have to redo his 4-point inspection and I’m afraid the 1981 date will still be too old for him to continue insurance with Citizens. I was hoping there would be a simple way like with serial numbers on A/C unites where the L8925xxxx in the serial number would mean something like the 25th week of 1989.

What is the deal with Citizens?
I don’t think its all about a 20-30 year old panel but rather the age of the house itself.

Tell them to ask the insurance company if they would be ok with all new breakers.

I did the inspection a month of so ago and while going back though my photos I wasn’t paying enough attention and thought the fan coil photo was part of the panel photos.

Thanks, checking the breakers for a date is a good idea. The home is a good distance from here so I may see if the client can get someone to check for a dated on the breakers in the morning.

Thanks to all for you comments. They were very helpful. This is a great message board.

The panel certainly doesn’t appear to be from 1959. It has Sq D Visi-Trip® breakers. Not sure when they came into the marketplace but it wasn’t 50+years ago.

From first post:

Did you check with the local building department for a permit history?

That would make it too easy…and legal.:mrgreen:

I would go with 11 1989. (L 89 in the serial number).

Nice reference. I just checked my Sq D panel and it seems accurate. :cool:

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