How to age a panel

Curious if there is any way to age an electrical panel, other than just guessing by the appearance?
In Florida, the insurance companies want to know the age of electric panels on older homes, even if the inspector is just throwing out a WAG.
Curious if there are any indications on the tags, such as models, serial numbers, etc? Or on the breakers themselves?
Like this one, for example, I would guess it is 20 or 25 years old, just based on the worn appearance of the breakers…

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Square D Homeline was first launched around 1988 so I would say that it could be about 30 years old. They did change the labels on the CB’s at some point and what is shown is mostly the old version.


Thanks, do you know of any other indicators on the panel or markings to use moving forward?

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Thanks Bob! Thats helpful

You would think by now any manufacturer of any significant component in a home would just stamp the dang date on them.

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Yes! Would be so much easier

Or at least have it in the serial number like every other appliance does

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As long as its not like Bradford White’s “date code”.


The “you pick the decade” coding system? LOL

It should be simple but it often is not. Newer installations with SE cable or PVC conduit may have the manufacture date right on the cable or raceway which can get you close as to when it was installed.

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