Square D ser number (date)

Hello… Again…
Can someone advise as to the possible age of this square D panel based on this
mod and Serial number?

Type Q0 breakers
Mod QON-16M
Ser number: NOP 758824

I’m thinking pos’ 1975?

Has a floating panel cover
Thanks in advance

Why would you ever need to know the date of manufacture of a panel? If it’s deficient, report it!

Just for S&G’s… http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Square_D

4point on a 1960 house
Appears the panel is an upgrade per realtor.
Trying to determine year as best as I can for the 4 point.

Note: The serial number you posted is deceptive and incorrect. As shown in your pic, it is: P758824
With that in mind, the formula listed here: http://www.inspectionnews.net/home_inspection/electrical-systems-home-inspection-and-commercial-inspection/25516-how-do-i-determine-square-d-electrical-panel-age.html
…would make it approximately 1986 manufacture… but take all unqualified opinions for what they are worth, and with a grain of salt!

Was there a permit for this change out?
What about the debris in the panel, either paint or texture? Did you write that up?

Why don’t you call the manufacturer?

1 (eight, eight, eight) 778-2733
Schneider Electric, Customer service

There was some texture in panel, but I can def’ tell this panel is not the orig’ panel, as I could tell the orig’ panel was bigger due to indent in wall left behind.
I will call the company.
Thanks to both of you