Age on Kewanee boiler

Does anyone have info on Kewanee boilers? Out of operation in 2002, but haven’t been able to track down much on aging one.

Thanks Larry, found that first…just wasn’t sure if anyone else has seen/knew about them!

All the Kewanee boilers I ever worked with were 100 years old.

Definitely built in the days of coal but “Use baffles for oil or gas firing”. Also can be “Hand fired”…60+ years old.

The baffles were there and later on they added turbulators to force the flames into a rotation making them the first energy efficient…lol.

First off, the age of the unit is irrelevant, as the average cast iron boiler in the US last 30 years, (double that, is a good guess).

This boiler is past its serviceable life and should be replaced. I would add a note to the inspection report recommending a licensed professional certify the safe operation before the next heating season.

Beyond all this, the boiler shows obvious signs of sustained flue condensate, so the chimney should be inspected as well.

So how old is it Morgan?

How so??

I would guess, 5 yrs. But if you know when the house was built, you know how old the boiler is, since it is the original, yes, coal originally.

The boiler shows stains and the outer firewall jacket has been replaced…I would not have done it. Still stunned by how little regard people have for their own safety and the people that will work on equipment that should have been replaced decades ago.

Wanted to share… our first experience with a Kewanee Boiler… but can’t seem to attach an image… I see they’ve changed this board again… oh well.

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