'Aging in Place' emblem

A seal for ‘Aging in Place’ will soon be added to the logo page and available for member use.


To find out more about Aging in Place:

That logo explains Roy!:mrgreen:


This is terrific! Many thanks.

And I thought you where talking about me.

Now available for download:

If you age in place too long you get moldy.

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The requested URL /images10-2/logos/Aging-In-Place.eps was not found on this server.

It looks like it’s just the EPS file that’s not working. It will be fixed shortly. Thanks for letting us know!

So that is why Roy smells like mold.:stuck_out_tongue:

Pretty good Idea for a different type of inspection. Ben should put together a quickie video course for this.?

I was asking for something along these lines just the other day


For all who are interested, if you haven’t yet checked it out this is a great article explaining Aging in Place: http://www.nachi.org/aging-in-place.htm

Now updated with the Aging in Place seal.

The article is good, but would it not be recommended that education be first before making those kind of modifications. It used to be ADA but it changed to ADAG. Its been a few years, since my training but you can’t just make recommendations without knowing the rules. Just my 2-cents.

ADA and Aging in Place may have some overlap, but are totally different.

ADA only deals with accessibility issues (which perhaps some elderly have). The young can be handicapped. Anyway, here is InterNACHI’s accessibility report: http://www.nachi.org/comsop.htm#14

Jessie is InterNACHI design Princess.:):):):slight_smile: