Aging in place

Hey Ben,
Is there a course for Aging in Place certification? Is there more than just completing the checklist? I see the InterNACHI certified emblem, but no way to obtain the certification.

Hi, Gregory –

We don’t currently offer an Aging-in-Place course, but, as a certified InterNACHI inspector, you’re welcome to download the logo if you offer that service.

Thanks Kate! I have been invited to attend an Aging in Place group meeting. They want a presentation from the inspector side.

I know there are certifications out there for various parts of the Aging in Place programs, but nothing so far for inspectors.

Thanks again!

It will be interesting to hear what happens at that meeting, Greg. Maybe you can share your experience in this thread afterward.


I have a CAPS {Certified Aging In Place Specialist} from the National Association of Home Builders. NAHB

This was a 2 day thing with classes and an exam. Never thought about it but I should put this on my website.

You can also contact the Aging in Place Council at

Thanks Paul! The link should prove useful. Do you perform any aging in place services? The “round table” I am going to see is a group of folks from different trades, banks and the such. Is the CAPS needed in order to perform AIP inspections? I don’t know that there is a major market here, but would be nice to offer. Not to mention being in a position to help prevent some of them from the unscrupulous.

I’ll give you a recap of what happens. Should be interesting. This isn’t so much about the business end of it, though the exposure could lead to more. It’s more about the aging in place process.

I took the class as a contractor and ended up as a speaker at a half dozen home shows. One show was at a Minnesota casino. Went home with less money than I came with.

I never made money with it as I quickly found out that 60 - 70 year old baby boomers for the most part think they don’t need help.

On the other hand I did end up bidding and getting bath remodels for people with various degrees of disability.

Was it worth it? To me yes, and I am qualified to do AIP inspections with my CAPS, but I’m not sure if being certified for AIP is mandatory to do the inspections. Sure wouldn’t hurt though.
I was not able to successfully monetize my certification.

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Yeah…the cost and return may be difficult, considering what one might charge for a simple inspection. However, and I know I may take a licking for this from some folks, it’s not always just the return in dollars. Sometimes, it is about helping to make a difference in someone’s life.
Most people don’t think they need, or will need help until something happens.
I’ll play it out…see where things go. There are some CAPS in this area, though none in my immediate area. Much to learn…

I’ll email some links which might help.

Much appreciated!

Digging up an older thread, but it would be interesting if there could be a follow up on this and see if interNACHI could get accredited for providing a course curriculum to get a CAPS certification as an ancillary service. I know you can do it through NAHB, but if NACHI could team up with them and help for discounts (non NAHB) members it would be greatly helpful to any HI’s trying to get certified.

I’m dealing with a lot a situations with my parents, both that are in their 90’s, and want to come back “home” for their final days. Trying to figure out if there is a niche in helping others (clients) that are facing the same perils.


I would think that would be a great service to offer.

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Ryan, it’s a growing market for the “Boomers’” needs. Retirement is one thing, but the mass aging and home issues will be the next. I known @bgromicko1 has something that addresses this in the curriculum, but hopefully it can be looked at advanced to help both the inspectors…and interNACHI.