New, free Aging-in-Place Inspection Agreement.

I was certified through the National Association of Home Builders 6 years ago and received my CAPS. Certified Aging in Place Specialist.

Aging in Place is a tough sell as baby boomers don’t like the word aging.

Beyond the cliche of aging in place, you would be better off perhaps learning about products that can make life easier for baby boomers who want to stay in their home as they get older.

Walk in tubs, special sinks and faucets, nondestructive wall anchors for grab bars and a host of other products. Learn where they go, how much to install and if they will need removal when selling the home. Personally, I would stay away from the use of the word aging as much as possible, it may be accurate but it’s not well received.

Good observation(s). So basically, you are inferring that some may be “offended” with the verbiage? Thanks for the heads up.

Jeffrey, would you prefer I meet with you as someone who identifies and suggests improvements that make your life easier or would you prefer I show up and in front of your wife and children inspect and plan a course of action for your aging bones, based on assumptions for the general population of baby boomers…


You got me wrong. I agree with you.

(Hey… what the heck you mean… “Meet with ME”???). :mrgreen:


I didn’t think we disagreed, just thought maybe “offended” was strong but yes my experience has been addressing your client without describing their condition is the best chance.

Aging in place has been a huge flop and NARI has moved beyond using the word aging. NAHB is stuck with it. And Internachi misses the target offering too little. I can’t see describing possible needed changes without offering remedies as well as pricing ranges within a certain percentage.

Aging in place certification is useless unless you have the cure and our SOP doesn’t allow us to go beyond describing our findings. I think Internachi is the best by light years ahead for inspector education and by all means take the Internachi aging in place opportunities but be prepared to spend time giving it away.