Aging In Place

**[size=2]Remodeling helps seniors age in place

Nearly 90% of Americans over 50 say they want to stay in their home indefinitely and 77 million baby boomers are reaching retirement age.

An Angie’s List online poll found 18% of respondents had already remodeled with aging in place in mind, while 37% plan to do so.

Some of the popular remodels include:

  • Stand-up showers, walk-in tubs and grab bars

  • Pull out cabinets, floor replacements

  • Eliminating steps or curbs & adding ramps
    Learn how you can become a Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist through the National Association of Home Builders to provide this type of remodeling and read a few tips that can make a big difference between people being able to stay in their homes or having to move.
    Current article in Angie’s List. InterNachi offers the Certified Aging-In-Place Professional designation. Aging-In-Place is a natural ancillary service for home inspectors.


Aging in Place is growing. Please see a report published by MetLife Mature Marketing Institute called *Aging in Place 2.0: Rethinking Solutions to the Home Care Challenge, *that I wrote last year.

Louis Tenenbaum,

Aging in Place inspection checklist.

I would be curious to know what all 50 States have adopted or not as far as the ADA (American’s with Disability Act).
Just another reason in Wisconsin permits are required for alterations, construction etc.
We have already in place codes that require ADA issues be addressed.

As Home Inspector’s this has opened a specialty for inspection. ADA code compliance. Over and above our basic home inspection.