Agreements and "I agree" checkbox

Is the “I agree” checkbox on agreements enough legally for these documents or should I be sending them via email through docusign.

I don’t know about your spectora thingy, but from a business legal standing, IMO, you should be utilizing BOTH.

We “sign” things like this all the time nowadays. I don’t see it as a problem. I can’t picture a client telling the judge someone hacked into their email and signed off on the inspection agreement unbeknownst to them.


As a Spectora user, I posed this question to Joe Denneler earlier this year. He indicated to me the check box is all that’s needed. But maybe he’ll come along here and chime in for us all.

Everything is legal precedence and (so far) the checkbox seems to be holding up.

I always email a contract. This does two things; 1. It allows the client to read it if they so desire; and 2. It confirms a working email. At the time of inspection I get them to sign a hard copy.

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