AHIT 4 months later

I got both a call and a email from AHIT today 4 full months after I requested info re their HI program. I did receive a booklet from them back then. They wanted a load of money and offered a tool kit with the course material.
I have to say that I think I made the right choice joining I-Nach and am certainly happy I took my time and looked around. Nachi by far knocks out the competition.
Membership, training, certs, IR, NIFAST,CPI, this board…:cool:

Are you talking about AHIT membership or training?

Hummmm…things may have changed but when I went with them back in 2001 They where great, Roy and his staff where on top of it. Did there 2 week class and have no regrets…I use there reports now and every time I call into them they are on top of it and are there to help.

Maybe so. I’m just saying it took 4 months for them to follow up on a potential student. From the little book they sent, I wasn’t very impressed. Especially once I found Nachi,(through JMs IR course). So much more here to benefit from my view.

Scott, I’m also an AHIT Graduate '09 and been very pleased with the Master Inspection Course. When I call AHIT for technical support from using their Inspectit Software to HI questions they are always very responsive. When I went through the Training I received their Inspectit reporting software and been satisfied with it and it’s flexibility to customize report the narratives.

I also agree that NACHI’s benefits out weight the yearly dues and glad I listened to AHIT recommendations to check NACHI out.

Don’t be too hard on them. InterNACHI has a full-time staffer who has the duty of looking at every school and every franchise and if she finds they are doing anything we aren’t, we immediately take steps to develop a similar but better program and give it to our members for free. www.nachi.org/benefits.htm

It’s an InterNACHI world, and you’re living in it.

Brian, are you still using AHIT Inspectit report software? What your thoughts.

Scott I am also a grad of AHIT 2003 I use there software and love the ability to change it to what i want as far as a report. Different areas have different inspection comments and needs. I get wonderful customer support and always get help in a pinch. I believe there training is awesome. I was able to go to school for a franchise company Pillar to Post. And I think AHIT’s training was better. They are there to help you succeed. Don’t get me wrong InnerNACHI’s is the best professional association in the world. And i love all they offer. But getting a hands on learning from teachers that have been there and inspected makes all the difference in the world. Not to mention how it will put ahead of your compitition.
Just my two cents.

Yes I am still using it. I have changed some of the layouts and pages. So far knock on wood I have had not one complaint about my reports. What about you, are you still using it? I use the checklist side but have changed some of the original layout. For me its the work flow I like the most and the templets. Also being a word doc. helps out.

I agree Mark…I was also impressed that Roy the owner came out to our Los Angeles class in 01 from Wisconsin. Not sure how they teach today, I sure a lot has changed in 8 years from back then…I think we were like the first class they had in CA….or close to it.

I did the AHIT home study program in 2001. It was very good.
I still use some of there books for reference materials.

I used there paper reports for about 2 years.
Then I used the Inspect it program for about 3 years. I had issues but as I look back on it I think they were related to my computer.

I now use HIP.

There support team was fair at AHIT.

I spoke to Roy Newcomer a few times on the phone. Good guy!!

I also took AHIT course in 2004 and thought it was a waste of time and money. Every one passed with high 90’s marks, which indicates to me that it is another course that is too easy to pass and designed to keep you happy. I do however like and use their software but the first time I needed some support they tried to sell me a software support package at $150.00 or so. I had to explain and prove to them that their software support was covered for one full year. Possibly a new staff member eager to make a sale. Nachis online courses are way better, however around here they hold no credability as educational credits, so its for personal satisfaction only.

Brian, I’m still using Inspectit and love it. I tried the excell based programs and report host and went back to Intspectit software. It give’s a more proffessional look and easy to customize. I use the narrative format.