AHIT Training

Wondering if the training that I just completed and paid dearly for applies to the InterNACHI membership? I completed the AHIT Home Study Master Course so it covers the same material as the courses needed for the membership here.

Nope, it does not. The subject matter may be the same, but the quality (AHIT) is inferior. Many, many AHIT graduates state this on the MB frequently. Just do a search.

Hopefully you didn’t fall for this… http://www.nachi.org/forum/f11/demand-high-more-home-inspectors-57732/

Check out post #117http://www.nachi.org/forum/f13/love-getting-emails-like-part-iii-43964/index8.html

Bottom line… take whatever is required by InterNACHI. You and your future clients will be glad you did!


PS… Welcome aboard!!!

What Jeffrey said.

All I know about them is their Android report software sucks and does not even work.
They actually called me up the other day so must be using the ineffective app as a sales tool to spam call.
Warning!!! do not download the app unless you want a sales call on your mobile.

I’m the graduate of AHIT that wrote the post #117 that was referenced above. Education is never wasted. I’m very proud to have graduated from AHIT, but I’m even more proud of my accomplishments here at InterNACHI. Everything that you do and learn will make you a better Inspector.

You should come to these message boards every day (or several times a day, if you have the time) and read everything you can. Respond to things you know about, and ask questions about things that you don’t. You should add your location to the profile box in the upper right corner. This will help you get the correct answers to your questions, as rules and laws very widely across the US and Canada. If you have a web site, post it in your auto-signature. If you don’t have a web site, get one. Read the hundreds, if not thousands, of ways to market yourself and your business.

If you have questions, or need help, just ask.

Eric, for the record, I referenced post #117 for your praise of InterNACHI’s education.

Yes, that’s the way I took it, however, after re-reading my post I worded it a little funny. AHIT was a good experience, but it can’t hold a candle to what I’ve learned here.

Hi Bob! I would agree we definitely dropped the ball on the Android version of our software but we have been working nonstop with developers getting the bugs out of the software. We have made leaps in terms of the reliability. Feel free to contact AHIT at 800-441-9411 if you would like to give it another shot and mention InterNACHI.

Chris Chirafisi

I also graduated from AHIT and have completed the required InterNACHI courses and about 60 CE credits after that. I have taken a few more than once. As a new inspector you should be eager to take them.

I took the AHIT course back in 08’ and all it did was give me the base of knowledge that I used for the next 12 months as I went through the InterNACHI courses and my own self study.

The message board was a wealth of information. It had been a long time since I had work in the construction field and I knew I had a lot to learn.

I’ve “been around the block” a few times and as far as I’m concerned, there is no serious competition to InterNACHI training!


Hi Merri-
By completing the AHIT course we offer you 6 months free membership with InterNACHI.


Since when does InterNACHI offer a 6-month Membership?

Hi Jeffrey-
AHIT has become InterNACHI’s exclusive live training provider. By attending an AHIT course you get your first 6 months free with InterNACHI.


Yea, I read that the first time time you posted it. Now how about answering my question? To the best of my knowledge, InterNACHI has never offered a six month membership. So, how about posting the information from InterNACHI that supports your statement?

Nick has approved this and here is where you can see it.



The way I understand it, the 6 months free is not for current members of NACHI.