NACHI discount from AHIT.

How you need to get them to use our assoc. name when they talk about assoc. to join they push ashi,nahi. I just attend a marketing class they never talk about NACHI.

Da Bastids!

I went to AHIT school in early March 05’ in Chicago and the instructors were pushing ASHI/NAHI very,very hard. The only time NACHI was mentioned was when I brought it up. The Teacher gave me the “look”, and said it was a fly by night association and wouldn’t be around long. On the final day of class,He passed out info on how to join ASHI/NAHI and nothing was said about anyone else. I had already found the NACHI site and BB, and knew I was going to join. I also told most of my classmates to check out NACHI. Last time I checked,a few were going through the ASHI mess and some quit because they couldn’t afford it. Too bad they didn’t listen to me,because some of them were really good.:frowning:

The founder of AHIT, Roy Newcomer is also an ASHI member and the inspection report system by AHIT uses the ASHI SOP so ASHI is heavily promoted but AHIT is still an excellent school for learning and for continuing education.

…And you save $15 off the list price.

I did attend their class and it was a good introduction to this profession. I keep in contact with one of my classmates. The rest, I don’t think the are working full time.