AHIT reviews

I am trying to decide which has better taining for someone stating out, AHIT or NACHI?
I realize this is a NACHI board but i figured i could still get good answers either way.
The argument I have heard so far is that AHIT is a school Vs. NACHI being an organization.

Any opinions are welcome and thank you,


I went through the AHIT training and you really can’t go wrong with classroom training along with field training. You get what you put into it, read their material take some of the NACHI Test and Ask Questions!!

I started with their report software but have switched to HIP and have been using it for the last two years, best move I ever made.

Nachi was the best fit for me.

AHIT is a good 101 school if you have zero construction experience.

At least in this area (Chicago area) AHIT is very popular, but they market Home Inspection as a side job, not as a profession. I would check out local junior colleges for pre-licensing and all that. I have found it to be much better if you want to be a full time, professional inspector.

Hope this helps;

I’ve been in business for 2 1/2 years now and have up till now always used a microsoft word template for reports but it takes me over 3 hours to write them and its time for me to move up too as I’m getting busy enough that I just don’t have that kind of time. I haven’t narrowed down an absolute opinion myself yet but all the research i’ve done it is definitely between Home Gauge and Home Inspector Pro as that is what everyone on every forum recommends.

Good choices Kyle. If you want a 1 on 1 training session just let me know and I’ll get you setup!

Currently using the AHIT software. I like the report itself, however the software can be very slow. And if you don’t keep reports cleaned up from the tablet, it gets even slower. They have a new cloud based version that seems to flow a lot faster though. Am playing with the demo version now.
I think it’s all in what you like to use. I tried the HIP, wasn’t too excited about it. No offense Dom.

Call in for a 1 on 1 session and I promise you’ll change your mind :wink: Can you insert videos into your PDF, add an integrated glossary, customize for templates, annotate photos on mobile, add digital stationery, etc, in what you’re using now?

I just got through doing my home study course through AHIT. Very good textbooks (they provide their separate spiral-bound books and the NHIE big book as well), and excellent support. I never had to wait more than a minute or two to talk to an expert inspector, which is part of their service “in perpetuity” as the guy I spoke to yesterday put it.

I found myself getting pretty frustrated with their instruction videos, though. They would follow the text for a bit, then go off on a tangent. Not to be mean, but I felt I was getting very little educational value from watching a guy sit in front of the camera and talk a lot, saying little, with AV support that probably would not get a passing grade in a modern high school class. After a while I just gave up and stuck to the books. Easier to take with me to study, anyway.

I did not have much of a choice going with AHIT because they were the only outfit I could find that offered a home study course that fit Texas requirements.

I found their on-line tests a pretty buggy as well. They farm it out to OnCourse Learning, and I got annoyed on several occasions with the number of misspellings, sloppy errors, and procedural mistakes, like when answer “B” read “Both A and B” (??). It was as if whoever put the online tests together did not even go back and look them over to make sure they were displaying properly or made sense.

I would hope there are outfits out there that do a better job, but I did pass my exam, so maybe I’m not focusing on the right thing here.

If you are looking for reporting software, you might want to give HomeHubZone a look. Very innovative room-by-room approach, and great people behind it.

Hi Bruce,
On Course Learning is a part of AHIT.
I have been using their software ever since they introduced it and every now and then I want to climb into my tablet rech through to the program writers and beat the snot out of them.
They will correct 1 issue and create 3 more.
I once was without my cloud based software for over a week.