Air Ducts in Closets

Hi we just purchased a new construction home and there are no HVAC ducts in the master bathroom ( which might not need one as there is no door to it) and also none in the master closet. The closet does have a door, is adjacent to two exterior walls and is about 7x12. It also doubles as my office and is fridged. We have searched for the relevant code information for New Mexico and have not been able to find specifics. Before we contact the builder and ask them to do it right we want to be sure code actually requires it. TIA!

closets are not considered habitable living space around here…

The bathroom definitely needs one. Possibly the closet too. It is very possible that the supply duct opening was covered with sheetrock and never cut-in. Call the builder.

The heat register may have been concealed by drywall in the bathroom or you may want to check the toe kick under one of the vanities.

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A supply register absolutely, but not a return.

Thank you so much for replies! Second floor supply vents are in the floor. I crawled around to see if I could feel any warmth under the carpet that may have not been cut out and nothing. Also no supply in the bathroom. I guess we’ll be calling the builder… Who already hates us, but that’s ok, bad construction needs to be done right for resale!

They often hate us too. We don’t sweat it.

Good luck!