Air quality and mold detection survey

I’m nearly through my first year of the inspection business. I’m contemplating adding Air Quality and Mold Detection Surveys. I’m curious as to how many of you offer this service, and if so…… do you included it as part of your home inspection, or as an add on?

I appreciate your input and shared experience.


I’ve been looking to add it to my new company in Maui. The machines are fairly cheap but you need two cannisters for each test - the ones I’ve found are the Air-O-Cells. Sending them to be analyzed (from Maui) is a bit of a challenge but not bad.

I’d definitely do it as an add-on service due to the cost. Between the shipping cost, lab fees and cannister cost it’s looking like $175-$200 as an add-on. If it’s just standalone and I need to drive there it would probably be closer to $300.

I’m still working through exactly what I’m going to do but that should be close.

Thanks Matt,

I’m looking at the Pocket Particle AQI 2.0 from Digital Environment.
No canisters to send in. No labs involved. It’s completely in-house. I saw it in the latest InterNACHI newsletter.


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Thanks Rob!! I’d never seen this before… I think you might have just changed my mind!

In researching this and trying to find pricing it seems to force me into a monthly or yearly plan of $100/mo or $1,000/yr. Is it possible to just buy the tester and not do a plan?

Personally, I would do some research into the legality of use in your jurisdiction!
Seems to me like they have found a loophole to skate standards and regulations.
I find no entities, States, or US-EPA accreditation’s listed on their website other than the usual players.



I don’t think so. I think you have to pay the plan and load the app

Absolutely! That is sage advice.
Thank you

Using this you will not want to advertise it as a mold test. It is simply a particle survey. You will have no idea if the particles are mold unless you do a conventional air sample and send to a lab. It is still possibly a useful service though for those with allergy concerns.

From the manufacturer:

The air quality survey is considered the step before lab testing. The final report from our service will
give you and the customer an indication that there are, or are not, concernable levels of airborne
material measured and if further lab testing would be required.


Thanks Ryan,

Great point!

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