Mold Testing/ indoor air quality testing price?

Just wondering how everyone is pricing mold inspections, mold tests and indoor air quality testing.

I am just looking to see my pricing is where it needs to be.


$200 swab testing and $40 per swab, $250 air testing and $40 per canister

$160 with home inspection, $260 without for standard 2 air o cell testing. swab tests are similar pricing. Price includes overnight shipping.

This hasn’t been updated for a few years. Is this what people are still charging. How often does anyone get calls for this kind of service?

I would like to know what others are charging also. I’ve been getting one to two calls per month for mold testing.

I don’t get many calls for mold testing. Most of the homes I inspect are in good condition so rarely see mold growth or have musty basements.

Some people ask about doing mold testing ( air samples ) without any evidence there is a problem.
I will do so if they insist, but I inform them that there is mold in the home and that it’s a natural part of the environment.
Maybe a clean room at NASA is mold free but thats about it.

And unlike a radon test there is often no definitive result.

Anyway, onto prices, performed with a home inspection.

Swab sample - 130.00 each
Air samples - 130.00 each

Note: I am raising those prices soon but not by much.

Thanks Thomas, this gives us something to go on