AlbertaNachi members stats

Posting this for AlbertaNachi members, and hopefully members will update

Just curious how many members of AlbertaNachi there is.

How many are CMI.

How many CCHI
and the final total for Sept 1st, if we update on this thread.

As well , for full license status, which course, CD or Inspect4U have you guys decided.

For me CD, because of previous history with the course, (before Inachi)

I have read the license regulations a number of times but they seem silent on what happens when you obtain the required education, or, are you still “Conditional” until you become a CMI or RHI. Maybe you know more?

On a related topic. I have an associate who wants to become an inspector but his education (InterNACHI) will not be complete until after Sept. 1.
Assuming InterNACHI will eventually be approved, what would be the process for him to obtain a license be. The regulations do not seem to address this. Again, maybe you know more?

To John , as it stands right now.

CMI and RHI - grandfathered .

Inspect4U or Carson Dunlop diploma with peer review - Full license .

Conditional license bump up to full license after completing one of the 2 courses

CMI or RHI designations are up to the individual HI, providing they qualify or desire , there is no requirement by the government.

After Sept 1st the only way to enter the inspection industry is to complete 1 of the 2 approved courses and perform a peer review. the conditional is off the table .
Some AlbertaNachi members already hold the Carson Dunlop diploma ,with a peer review they will be full license Sept 1st, CAHPI members are un- affected by license requirements , there membership requirements (Calgary) have always been completion of the CD course and a peer review .

Any approved courses your associate has under way is not a problem, if it is an approved course and he finishes October, combined with a peer review , he will just apply for full license .


Thank you for the clarification.
I should have checked the regulations before I asked the question.
It is good to read the regulations.
In reading the regulations it would seem that conditional inspectors end in two years.

To John , your welcome, yes it seems to end in 2 years, I think the conditional was something Vern Steve and Daniel worked for, to keep every one working, if there EDU was not approved they would have time to complete an approved course .

I am not sure if you have read alot of the thread started by Nick a few weeks ago stating that he “had a long meeting today with the Alberta Government”. He stated that he would have approval of the Inachi courses in a few weeks. Later in the forum he came out and said that I4U got approved. Then he dropped the bomb stating that he did not even submit Inachi for approval. I beleive that if your friend is waiting for our courses to be approved he is in big trouble and should apply for I4U or CD right away.


I have read the thread you mention & for some one, after spending time with InterNACHI training & not yet able to get the 25 fee paid inspections by Sept.1. must feel very despondent. If InterNACCHI does get approved, as I understand, will mean added course requirements & proctored examination for all of use, except CMI’s.
I would also think that other training organizations are asking for approval. So in a couple of weeks there may be more than two options.

Greg is already established in the HI Biz , he is just being conscientious,and seems to be a man of quality, the buzz right now amongst Alberta Nachi members is that they are going to take the CD course.

I have done my peer reveiw as well, in fact I was the first one. I am a very pro=active person that does not like to sit back and let things pappen. It is not in my DNA. I am now waiting for my bond to come in the mail so I can send everything in at once.
P.S. - Thank you Chris for the kind words.

Sorry Greg I put in some personal BIZ info then edited, oops. changed post 9

Up date as of 2011.09.16
14 members wrote the final InterNACHI exams on the 13th.
There a about 23 InterNACHI members licenced.
There are 83 Alberta InterNACHI members.
There are 62 CMI’s

Just a question, now that Inachi has approval, the regulation states for full license, must complete an approved course, for Inachi that would be the Alberta pre license curriculum, plus proctor exam, in addition to a passed peer review, my question is, will there be an Inachi certificate of completion issued to those that have completed the course and exam, I think the Gov want`s one certificate presented for full license, I imagine if there was a CCHI certificate based on completion of the Alberta pre license curriculum , passed exam and peer review, that would satisfy the Gov, I am all for that , thanks, just curious . I guess we need to know what the Gov wants as far as a certificate for full license.

I have been emailing Ben back and fourth since the proctured exam. They are awaiting Scott Hood to reply to the questions you are asking. If I hear anything I will post it here.

Thanks Greg, keeps the motivation going.

I have designed a certificate and we have ordered a seal to imprint the certificate with. As was decided at our last meeting the CCHI is for only those that have passed the peer review and are members of the Alberta Chapter.
The Gov regs are silent on the number of inspections one must do to get your licence so I would say that all one needs is a certificate from an approved training school will get your licence. I think this is wrong because academic proficiency does not translate into competence in the field. When the schools start pumping out newbies the quality will go down and the problems will increase. So much for protecting the consumer. The Ohio state study showed that this happened whenever licencing was invoked. It took about two years for this to happen.
We have to decide how many inspections and under what circumstances for newbies to qualify for CCHI.
CAHPI calls for 250 after a tipr.
We also should have an executive meeting and a general meeting to make these decisions.

Executive meeting coming up shortly and a general meeting likely taking place early in the new year…

As of today there are 162 licenced inspectors in the province.
47 are chapter members
45 members are not licenced yet.