Alberta pre-licensing curriculum for home inspectors.

Alberta pre-licensing curriculum.

I hereby resign as president of Alberta InterNACHI
Dan Levia

Just to be clear…this is considerably different than what the Alberta InterNACHI executive board approved and submitted to the Alberta government a number of weeks ago.

Am I missing something , why would there be an Alberta pre license curriculum when the Inachi courses have not been approved by Alberta government, as well, these are the same courses I have taken and completed through Inachi, what am I missing . I am in Alberta and thought I was up to date.

Christopher, good question.

We have to have them… to have them approved.

The government asked us to create/submit a curriculum. In this case, the egg has to come before the chicken.

The government of Alberta informed me this afternoon (by email) that they’ve hired a consultant to review InterNACHI’s inspection courses (can’t review 'em unless we first have 'em). We’ve provided the government with a username and password to access everything. I trust the consultant will find our courses to be top notch and hope to be awarded a speedy approval.

Remember… Unless someone (InterNACHI or CanNACHI or someone else) can get something approved, the over-priced, outdated option (the only option currently approved by the government) will continue to enjoy a complete monopoly and stranglehold on our industry in AB.

THX , as they should review the INACHI course .

We compiled a proposed training program and submitted it to the government for approval. The government asked for a two page summary of the training program.
Nick on his own has decided to submit a whole new list of programs that has a bunch of stuff that the government does not want. He has deleted programs that they do want.
I’ve spent the last five years working to get InterNACHI approved and we are almost there and Nick throws a monkey wrench into the works.
I’ve tried to explain this to him but he is not listening.
So guys my advice to you is take the CD courses. They are already approved. After what Nick has done I will be surprised if the government approves any of this.
By the way consider this as my resignation. I’m not going to waste any more of my time to have it all thrown away.

Vern and Daniel…

Highest respect for your stand-up approach to the 800 lb gorilla that wants to rule the room!!

WOW this looks bad to see two who have worked so hard for our industry to resign .
I find this sad to see this happen … Roy

We didn’t delete anything Vern, we added to it. What you might not know is that they recently decided that they want 200 hours, so we had to change (add to) it. No choice. CanNACHI did the same today.

I’m not going to give them any excuse to turn down our program. If they want to reject it, they’ll have to make something up.

I love you guys, but I wear an InterNACHI hat… always. And I have a job to do.

Verne and Daniel:

I want you to think of how much work you really did do before making the decision. Like Nick has said many times there is more than what you see going on and he has worked hard for you also. Just think of what would happen if he said I quit just because the road got tough. I have been through the Carson Dunlop as a teacher and can speak for most that the schooling is not up to date and does not provide accurate info. Nick will continue to work hard for you and you should not quit now.
Don’t forget that 202 Hours is like 500 for the other HI courses and that is what Nick is waiting for the government to realize. :shock:
As for your comment Brian. You can’t even open your mouth on this board because everyone does not have any respect for you.:mad:

Gotcha, Kevie!!.. Like it makes a difference!

Thanks kevin well said , We need Vern ,Daniel and others , I hope they can find a way to stay and help lead our industry.
You are correct about Brian this is the last line of a letter I received about Brian M.
(" That guy is a jerk. Should take courses on public speaking courtesy. ")

And yourself with the "THREE I"s [size=2]and spouting falsehoods about people. The pile of crap stinks worse every day!![/size]

Your right , 202 is like 500 for other courses , just hopes the GOV can read between the lines .

“Carson Dunlop” CDs Takes 5 times longer, has less info and filled with mistakes.
“InterNachi” has instant access the speed of internet.
Exams are set up to weed out those that should not be inspectors.
Exams for “Carson Dunlop” are designed for everyday student with a good memory not good observation.
Trick questions and improper info designed for 1990s not even 2000
“InterNachi” has current up to date info even 2009 codes in some cases.
Quiz’s designed to check your progress.
Carson Dunlop quiz’s have very little to do with HI and more to do with promoting ASHI or OAHI as the best inspectors.
Big binders that are wasting pages and pages because of repetitive information.
Exams set up for 60% needed for a pass verses 80% needed for InterNachi.
Exams designed not to know were you have made a mistake in any profession is very wrong and has created some of the mess we see today.

What mess is that??

Lets take Automotive as an example.
One student takes the same exam of the other student confident he got that right answer. Exam gives him a pass of 71% 29% of the questions are wrong.
He goes into the field of Automotive not knowing what questions he got right and what he got wrong.
For 5 years he adjusts brakes according to what he knows and has no way of knowing what he is doing wrong until someone is killed in a accident. He is told that what he had learned in school was incorrect for this application.
Who is at fault for the death? Is it the company or the school that taught him? In my mind it is the school that did not correct his thinking before entering the work force.
That is why the new way of teaching is to catch the mistakes before they become a big problem that may create a fatal accident.
InterNachi and other Professional organizations think the same way and that is why we are all well trained to do what we do.:smiley:

Kevin Wood writes:

Thanks Kevin. I think the government of Alberta is doing fine.

Am I disappointed that they initially only approved one, out-of-date course that is overpriced (thus forming a monopoly)? Of course I am. But it is a good sign that they are reviewing our courses now.

If they want any changes or want to require anything of us… we’re going to accommodate them. Minister Klimchuk is someone we can count on.

I have not heard anything about the “Mike Holmes Group” here.
I have heard that about 18 more students will take the course on 2 year HI diploma in the Sault College. I wonder if they will use the same out dated crap from “Carson Dunlop” to pass on to some unsuspecting group of College students that will be out of business because of the influx of new inspectors.:roll:
At last count there was over 20 under HI listed.
If I had known that the info I was teaching was that out of date I would not even have attempted to teach new HI’s.
I also warned them not to go into the business until they learn more than “Carson Dunlop” but some did not listen, are in competition and are already making mistakes according to info sent to me.:shock:
2 of them are still in the process of studying for InterNachi and have turned out to be very respectful, so I guess that it was not all bad.:smiley:

You can be sure some will be in touch with others from the course.
They will then tell them about OAHI and NACHI .
Many will visit both web sites and see how things are done in the real world.
I will be surprised if four make it to three years and it is so sad so many will have invested a lot of time and much money with little chance of making a living at Home Inspections .