All due respect but come on brother, leaky basement "ground water leak"

1:00 mark he says, “I don’t see any visible evidence on-the-walls for the leaks”.

really? :astonished: :exploding_head:

Come on brother, sheesh, see… i say again all due respect to the guy and others like him but THIS is what i often have to deal with and they just don’t ‘get it’ and they’ll call 3-5 INT system wieners and maybe call a landscaping guy and so on and almost always they believe one of the others bs and hire them lol

At least PART of his problem are the walls and a need to waterproof 'em on the exterior, it’s freakin OBVIOUS! :laughing:

Sometimes water will build up IN block or even some brick basement walls and will dribble out where the bottom of the wall meet the basement floor on DRY days, yeppers

He put his hand on the wall and said “it was wet but it was relatively dry”, lol. So, which was it?

Oh, and who needs a thermal image when the water is visible!?

$40,000 ? what!

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he says, you cannot stop water from coming in lol yeah sure okay

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He was such a Debbie Downer. Low energy and no answers with big price tag. He acted as if he was defeated before he started. I do not know much about ground water, but those walls were frickin saturated.