Leaky basement, block basement wall, some efflorescence etc

Inside view of leaky area, vertical crack near gas line about 9’ off the corner he’d was getting water where bottom of the block wall MEETS the floor and most of the water at-neat corner he’d see come onto basement floor where bottom of wall meets the floor lol, gee was it a need for DRAIN TILES? hll no.

Did he need to raise and slope the grade away or add 101 1/2 feet to downspout extension?

Paint the walls wiFF drylok?

Install an interior basement drainage system and sump pump which would not have stopped the water from where it was entering and would have cost much more money, sheesh

outside views

part of that old service line hole was just below grade

end of job, hand dug as always, some blue clay, we left the bushes in and tossed the clay up over 'em into wheelbarrows because he loved him some bushes lol

so how much landscaping crap got ruined? naaaa-DA, inside system wimps like to lie about stuff, folla?

Instead of having a bungling, self serving interior basement system company over for an estimate, why don’t you try someone honest who is going to have an open mind and find where water, bugs etc is entering your house/basement

Think a rat can get in here, water… insects?

i was feeling kind of seasick but the crowd called out for more

Can I please get one of your autographed, used putty knifes?


sure thing G-man, it’ll cost ya 69.99 n i’ll toss in a free drain tile

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