...Custom homes and renovations shows you how 2 waterproof a leaky basement

Am sure this guy is very good at some things and through the first 1:30 ish in video pretty much says a lot of the right things BUTT…

Around the 1:50 mark the Milkman begins scratching his balding melon #-o
Hey, that’s a problem considering how dang cold it’s been this winter.

Ok so 1:50 ish, what do we see? Drain board. ](*,)
The basement WALL is about 6’ deep and the drain board looks to be against the wall about 4’ deep. Don’t see any tar/roofing cement etc on basement wall BEHIND most of that that drain board… Houston, we have a problem.

Placing, attaching drain board on foundation wall is NOT waterproofing!

‘Hole is very narrow, make sure you bring in the professionals etc etc’ lol
Actually you have a fairly WIDE hole sir, uh huh. :mrgreen:
And that’s why a few of us hand-dig, many good reasons to hand dig, yep.

Amazing, everyone says/thinks they are ‘THE professional’ in this business.

Would not have put in an exterior pump, sht, never have and never will.

And sir, water can get BEHIND that crappy az drain board and when it does, if you didn’t WATERPROOF the entire wall then there is a high probability this basement, this wall in this area, will re-leak.

Soil on bank, right next to open trench… RISKY. Your taking risks that you don’t need to take Mr. Professional.

3:10 ‘We’re looking at $6,000–10,000 in costs’

3:55 ‘Leaky basement project from start to finish’
Says, before the digging.
So appears they did 1 wall.

‘Inspecting the basement window…dry rot’

Did not install new window, hmmm.

$6,000–10,000 for this job, its NOT correctly, professionally waterproofed and no new window. And appears they backfilled about 2-3’ of gravel, not most or all gravel backfill.

Now we know costs vary ‘some’ throughout duh country but come on.
1 wall which looks to be about 24 linear ft.

From my fart worned chair seat, that’s a 1 day job, hand dug, 99% gravel backfill, no drain board, no exterior sump crap and the entire wall waterproofed, hydraulic cement, roofing cement, visqueen and would explain to homeowner to have new window correctly-installed…cost $2,500–3,000.
And when they get that new basement window installed, call my dumb az and i’ll go right back and dig that window-area down a tad and make sure they didn’t screw up the seal around, under the ledge.

that’s another bunch of crap. The BBB and many interior drainage companies and some others often tell homeowners if Marky-mark aka Uncle Milky doesn’t charge as much or is $1,000-2,000+ cheaper than others then, he could not possibly do the job correctly and don’t hire him. That is yet another steaming pile of red, white and blue incompetent American bullsht!!!
26 linear ft and about 5 1/2’ deep. Can’t remember exactly but was between $2,750 and 3,000. And that includes city permit fee where the reality IS, city inspector shows up (usually late) and is there, on site, for about 1 single minute. Reality adds, these are city inspectors who do NOT understand this subject completely, many very little yet some think if the CITY inspects the work that the work was done correctly… pftttttttt!!! Inspect the work? In one minute? loooooooooooooooooooooollllllllllllllllllooooooooooooollllll

Hand dug, 1 day. YES, everything was done in 1 day.
All, 99% gravel backfill.
Entire wall from top to bottom and end to end… waterproofed! No pump, no crappy az drain board… and not a single drop of water since it was PROFESSIONALLY WATERPROOFED, got that?