"Installing footing drains", loollolllllllll

all due respect but bruh, upon the next several good rains that basement is going to leak again.

WHY? lol
Because you did not determine-identify how/where the water is getting in, he ASSUMES his problem is just a need for more drainage/piping. He didn’t ‘fix-repair’ whatever the actual problem is, gotta FIND IT

:01 no big deal but, what happened to the siding under the window

8:15 -->> 10:15

-he doesn’t get a shovel and dig it all the way down to footing, you need to remove ALL that crap to see IF there is a gap,crevice at bottom of the wall

  • did he do a water test? lol nah

  • he didn’t scrape and wire brush the wall to see if there is one or more leaky rod holes, a crack etc

again he assumed what the problem and solution is (??? lolol solution is drain tile hahahahaha),
he did not determine how-where the stupid water is getting in his stupid basement and yet often, guys like this are the first ones who tell BUBBA he is wrong, got milk?

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Never touched the problem of possible water entry and wasted tons of money on pipe and stone.

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how about this guy

backfilling with the same crap soil, its a mistake geez people, go through all that, the digging etc and then cheapen the job by backfilling with crap

so they pocket much more money, little if no gravel to pay for and lil if no dirt to haul away…
job like this they’ll pocket around an extra $1,000… TIMES how many other jobs done like this throughout the year, lets say 100… 100 times 1,000, $100,000…
100,000 times how many years, lets use 10 yrs lol, quick 1 mil, shttt i’d be rich too if i cut corners

2:55 etc, what good music can do

she said there is no reason,and the truth is plain to see

‘That is a masterpiece’

It is called a footing drain for a reason. :thinking:

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I really can’t believe this shit is happening to people Mark. Anyone with brains knows that would be wrong for many reasons.

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apparently running outta brains Mr C

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