All most new roof

pretty good roof job then I look at the vent boots etc. every boot was old and cracked. Jeezzzzz what is happening to these roofers. never saw this type of work from any of the roofers I used on my projects. I know their out there, and I could go on about this but won’t. Made me feel good to report it to my client thou.

I do believe this Inspection Business makes me smile more…just knowing I helped someone out.

yeah that part does bring job satisfaction at times…

The picture is soooo tiny. Can you explain what you are seeing.

Brand new roof but they didn’t drop the coin for a few new rubber boots around penetrations.

I see them put a second layer on and leave the lead flashing (full of holes) in place too.

Thankfully our clients have a choice to hire an Inspector to find these defects and more. Again it makes me feel good inside that I am able to help someone, and that I am able to also use my background in construction and appliance trade to better explain certain conditions to our clients. Have to get ready for an inspection for someone way up in illinois , thats interested in a property way down here in sweet home alabama. Thanks for your comment.