All new Certified Master Inspector site released!

Certified Master Inspector (C.M.I.) is a Canadian Registered Trademark:

I still don’t see how spending a grand will help my business ?
Tell me ?

I spent 1/2 my life developing ways to help home inspectors’ businesses. All of it combined couldn’t hold the door to those 3 little words that do the job all by themselves.

Certified Master Inspector… it says it all. No explanation needed. Consumers get it in less than 1 second.

You didn’t answer my question.
I got a grand if I could understand why I need a that

Try this experiment (it’s been done many times before). Lay everything out on your dining room table: Your FL license, your insurance information, your IAC2 patch, your InterNACHI certificate, you company logo, your educational transcript, your First Time Homebuyer Friendly seal, your Honor Guarantee, your tagline…whatever. Hide a Certified Master Inspector sticker in there somewhere. Then ask your Aunt Penny or someone who knows nothing about the inspection industry to dig through it and pick out the one thing that would cause her to think you are the best, hire you, and maybe even be willing to pay you more than your competitors.

You need not report the results of the experiment here… I already know what she’ll do.

Those 3 little words (CERTIFIED MASTER INSPECTOR) not only work… they work every time.

CMI sure helped us in Ontario big time… Roy Cooke ,Char and Skip are also CMIs

I care not how many Inspections I get. I care that the Inspections I do get are from High profile people. Referrals are what keep the wheels going.
Nick is right but the pull to do a cheap Inspection is still strong and people looking for Homes are always sent down the path of least resistance.

Site looks great Nick, but someone spelled my name wrong! Oops!

Is there a way you guys can create a custom verification logo that we can use on our website like the InterNACHI logo? Maybe even show the date we got our designation? That would help with the guys that just google the logo and paste it on their site. Are you guys going to be sending new patches and decals with the new logo as well? I think it’s really sharp and would love to advertise it on my vehicle and jacket.

I just entered my zip (N5R 3K3) and I got a chap 35 miles away from my house! How come MY name did not come up???

Bryce send this to Nick ASAP as this should not have occurred. There will be bugs to iron out just like any new site development.
I checked mine internally and externally. Works fine so you are an exception.
Search Results for “P6B1B1”

1 Certified Master Inspector found

Kevin R. Wood | 2.2 miles away
Sault Ste Marie, ON | 7059712096 | Email | Website

I checked as well. I live and work in Whitby Ontario not AB (Alberta)

Someone made a typo

Also when going through the list page 2 didn’t show when clicked.

Looks great otherwise!


Skip had the same thing sent a letter to Nick .
He said NACHI is calling all existing CMIs and if the phone does not get answered after three tries they get removed .
Nick said send him a email and you will get restored.
Skip does not answer any phone calls from USA .
He like me is getting a lot of USA calls trying to sell many things from web sites to cameras and the list goes on .
I had three USA calls yesterday ,I do answer and just hang up if it is useless sales .

Any name/address typos can be corrected by emailing me at and I’ll fix them for you.

If anyone notices a typo in their listing, please contact me via e-mail with changes. Please send an e-mail to I will have the changes made ASAP. Thanks!


I’m still missing!

You’ll be back in by Monday.

You’re in Bryce. If you need any changes made contact me at Thanks.

Thanks Chloe.

Thanks Nick and Chloe