All new InspectorPoints (for amusement only, beta testing). Please try it.

If that is put into the InspectorPoints inqusition, do we get extra special bonus points?



I just placed an order with amazon. Jeff, I think I have more inspection related books now than you do. :wink:

I just saw that sale they’re having… thanks for letting me know. On an unrelated note, I just hired a few more employees.:cool:


I was listed as top score (without cheating) for about an hour, and we all know I don’t know crap, don’t we Bob! :shock::p:roll::twisted::mrgreen::wink:

I pass.
Anyone have a shovel?

Too busy using it trying to get out of my office.


Just for chats Nick, this looks like a brilliant way for INACHI to get a lot of information from anybody who takes this test…

You haven’t been here very long, have you? :mrgreen:

Still learning the ropes :slight_smile:

I admit, the thing has a few ulterior purposes. The main one being that it reminds some of the members who have been here for a while of all the great courses that are available. If I get one more “Do you have a stucco inspection course?” email, I’m going to scream.

I have removed mine since it is for** AMUSEMENT ONLY **And wish not to be listed for the foolish remarks of this MB.

I was wondering Nick, do you have a stucco inspection course?? :mrgreen: O:)

In all honesty Nick, some of the best info on this site is the most difficult to locate. This site is long overdue for some “cleaning and organizing”, especially with all the stuff you keep adding on a regular basic. I guess that’s a good problem to have, just a bit frustrating sometimes when I know it’s here and I can’t find it.

Typical… taking your ball and going home! :stuck_out_tongue:

So much for ‘our’ amusement! :mrgreen:


I hear ya. In your quote above, I bolded the source of the problem. Our members have come to expect something new on a regular basis and we hate to disappoint:

The only reason you are on the top Jeffrey is your smart one liners on the MB.
10000+ POSTS.
I wonder where Nick would score 28000+ POSTS

The formula caps points for posts at 10,000.

I am with Jeff on not being able to find benefits.
A much better site search is needed.

There is enough here that scattering for volume effect is no longer needed.


Notice all the message board answers quote other sites rather than this one for a reason.
(too hard to find the great reference material)

It wouldn’t be bad if we only had to deal with the 235,000 pages that make up InterNACHI’s website. The problem stems from the fact that we keep adding to it every day: