Allura siding installation

I did an inspection on this home that had replaced the Allura siding that was defective as part of a class action lawsuit.

The replacement siding has several installed issues. The allura installation guide specifically mentions a particular type of nail and to be nailed every 16" on the stud.

There are no clips required per the installation guide.

The installers couldn’t get the specific nail, but found a similar one and nailed the siding into the sheathing.

The owner mentioned to the builder that the siding was not replaced properly and wants it redone. About 2,700 sq/ft was originally replaced.

The builder response was they will just put more nails in the boards to get them installed properly…

My customer is asking if this is acceptable…

I definitely would appreciate you help on this matter.!

IMG953724|640x480 IMG953722 IMG953732

The insulation guide, does it require nails to be placed under the lap of the following row? Who wants a bunch of wrong nails to show? And they will probably not be to swift on finding the studs again.

What is wrongly installed can be removed and replaced per manufacturer’s installation instructions. IMHO

Nailing directly into studs is usually recommended when the sheathing isn’t thick enough or is something like a gypsum type. However, if the manufacturer doesn’t allow or will not sign of on an alternative method, then it’s wrong; it may fail prematurely & the warranty will likely be void. It’s that simple :slight_smile:


Thanks Simon for your reply

That is not an acceptable installation and if the Manufacturers installation instructions were not adhered to, than it should be removed and re-installed properly.
If blind nailing was specified for the product, it definitely should have been nailed on the studs to eliminate the loosening of the fasteners when nailed in the sheathing alone.
Face nailing now to try and fix the problem will not be adequate and will make for a maintenance issue in the future.
Face nailing is usually done only when there is a couple of coats of paint or stain required after the installation of a siding.