Wind Mitigation -clips question

Just had a conversation with an agent on a home I did the wind mit for - had essentially a strap that didn’t wrap over the top, so I scored it as a clip. The underwriter apparently denied this, saying the photo provided didn’t specifically show 3 nails, so he changed it to “toe-nailed”. I wasn’t aware the clip had a nailing requirement - thought the 3 nails only applied to straps. This is State Farm. Anyone else hear of this? I realize the insurance underwriter can do what he wants, but if I was wrong, I’d like to know…

Minimal conditions to qualify for categories B, C, or D. All visible metal connectors are:
􀀀 Secured to truss/rafter with a minimum of three (3) nails,


Read the form carefully a few times to get used to the specifics (someone smarter than me said that before). I had to bold quite a few things to make them stand out to me…

Agreed, it’s the first line under “Minimum Conditions”, must have 3 nails…

Remember the Nailing Position as well is critical. 2 nails must be in the Front (anchor) side and at least 1 nail in the Opposing (tail) side. If its reversed, it drops to a Clip, see attached photo of a Clip Nailed Strap

Also be careful not to mistakenly count the Rivet securing the Truss to the Moisture Barrier as a Fastener


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