Third nail rejected?

I was at an inspection today and the wind mitigation turned up clips with 2 nails. See pic from today. Anyway, the selling realtor was certain that if a third nail is added it has to be the “right kind” of clip to be eligible for adding a 3rd nail…if the clip is not rated to accept a third nail the insurance company would kick back the inspection and deny credit. The clip in question had three open nail holes for more nails.

This sounded highly unlikely but still I wanted to do research. I called my insurance agent and asked if she ever had credits removed by the underwriter (or reinspection) due to the clip not being the right kind to accept a third nail. She had never seen credits removed for this reason.

Has anyone here seen this happen?

Don’t listen to realtors that don’t have any structural training. That strap should have 6 nails in it, but 3 will do for the 1802. Some metal attachments will indeed not qualify, no matter how many nails are in it (more than 1/2" gap).

Apparently he also had some structural training and had “built houses” in the area. He was pretty certain - apparently he was certainly wrong. Anyway, wanted to ask in case there was some issue I wasn’t aware of.

What did he say was wrong with that strap if a third nail was added?

The form is pretty specific on what nails and where they can go.
The picture you provided is a toenail and nothing more.

3 is form enough :slight_smile:

Sounds like the Realtor wanted to be a deal breaker lol.

And he was the selling Realtor. It was pretty odd. Anyway.

I didn’t want to get into a back and forth. He we insistent that adding a 3rd nail would not make the buyer eligible for credit. That by itself stopped me from commenting further.

That’s when you get top the buyer on the side and do him a solid and tell him the truth.

Yes, I did that. It was just so weird that the selling realtor would be wrong & insistent on something that would make the house less attractive to the buyer.

You did the right thing :slight_smile:

I love the amount of “experts” that don’t have a clue! Tell him to stick to what he is licensed and trained for!
Always used to love it when a neighbor would stop by after you were done for the day, to give the homeowner “Advice”.
My reply was usually, “if the guy knows so much why didn’t you hire him”, followed by asking if he asked the neighbor for a second opinion after he went to the doctors?
Everybody “thinks” they know construction, because the worked for a contractor, for a few weeks, one summer thirty years ago.
The 1802 has very little to do with codes or typical construction, so unless someone has done the training, they really should mind there own business. You just have to explain that to them in a diplomatic way!