Just my luck

Came out of the drug store today and my two month old, dirty, but new truck has a huge key mark. Insurance will charge me $500.00 deductible to fix it.
Perfectly parked and no known enemies.
People who key a car are cowards.

That’s just wrong. Sorry man.

Did the place have cameras if so ask them to review it

Had my back light busted out on my truck and one Flood light. I did not report it to insurance as it would be less than $500.00 to repair.
You are right people that do this are mad at the system and not you Vince.

I will find out how much it costs to paint the door but I have a feeling it will be more than my deductible.

Great idea!

Just playing devil’s advocate but could you have been parked inconsiderately in someone Else’s eyes?

And that would give them the right to key a car?

You’re a Home Inspector. You probably have lots of enemies (sellers and Realtors). I know there’s some people around here who would probably like to do a whole lot worse to me. People want someone to blame for things that don’t go their way, and unfortunately, we’re in a profession that presents an easy way of scapgoating.

I did call the Walgreens but they don’t have any exterior cameras. I made a police report and depending on if the paint job is over 500.00 I will use my insurance claim. The cost of repair and possibly losing a couple days of work hits me in the wallet.

Vince, in the past we had damage from another vehicle done to our car in a similar type of parking lot. We filed a police report and our insurance waived the deductable. Just a thought because it could have been something sticking out of the culprit vehicle and not a key. Who knows if it wasn’t seen as it happened?

Paying it your self saves an insurance claim .
Some times two claims and the insurance company dumps you .

Sad… work hard enough to have nice things and folks do this.


Dropping the truck off this afternoon for repairs. My biggest concern was having to miss work for a few days while they fixed it but they are giving me a free car loaner. I will be able to fit two Xtend n Climb ladders and necessary tools in it but not much else.

NO WAY. But could be a cause.