Aluminum Branch Wiring update

           **Aluminum Branch        Wiring**

   **IE #008-11 – March 16,        2011**

           Effective        8/1/2010 and as announced in* [Agent Technical Bulletin #005-10](*, the *Uninsurable Properties* section of        the personal residential *[Rules of Practice](* was amended to clarify that        potentially hazardous electrical conditions include properties with        aluminum branch wiring circuits.         
   The rule change        was to address concerns related to the original installation (1965-1972)        of single-strand aluminum/solid aluminum wiring connected to the lower        branch circuits (receptacles, switches, lights and small appliances).        Homes with aluminum main service wires and heavier 240 volt circuits that        feed major appliances (e.g., dryers, ranges, air conditioners) are        eligible for coverage with Citizens.         
   Citizens has        continued to research an acceptable remediation/repair for homes with        aluminum branch wiring and currently accepts homes meeting at least one of        the following conditions:
   ·                The        home has been rewired completely with copper wiring.
   ·                All        aluminum-to-copper connections (e.g., light fixtures, fan fixtures,        outlets and switches) have been repaired via the COPALUM crimp        method.
   ·                All        aluminum-to-copper connections (e.g., light fixtures, fan fixtures,        outlets and switches) have been repaired via the AlumiConn® connector        method.
   *Note*: In all cases        of aluminum branch wiring, Citizens requires that all aluminum branch        circuit wire connections to the service panel must have been inspected and        repaired as necessary to ensure no corrosion/oxidation is present and all        connections are tight, before Citizens can insure the home.        
   An application        for a home that has all aluminum branch wiring circuit connections        remediated using one of the methods above may be submitted unbound to        Citizens Underwriting for review. To establish eligibility for coverage,        documentation from a Florida-licensed electrician confirming that all        aluminum-to-copper connections have been repaired via the COPALUM crimp        method or the AlumiConn connector method must be submitted. In addition,        the property must meet all other eligibility requirements.

Awesome info, appreciate the post!


You’re too dang quick. I was just going to post that.

Now you are gonna have to explain the difference between “branch Circuit” wiring and feeders, and some still won’t get it.

Thanks for the update. :smiley:

How do you tell the difference between copper and aluminum?

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Good news!!! Thanks for bringing it maybe I even had a hand in this because at the last quarterly FABI meeting I brought up the fact that methods were available that were UL approved that they just totally had disregarded. I told that to the chief underwriter after telling her how cute it was in August when they just snuck that Oh by the way about the aluminum wiring in on that roofing memorandum to agents.

I would appreciate if any of you could give me their opinion on the new IDEAL spliceLine in-line connectors.
I saw a promotion of this, I sent out for a free sample and recently received by mail.

It actually looks interresting as you can extend a wire and I guess connect safely alu to copper.

I believe that is good news as aluminum wires were not recalled here in Quebec.


Brossard- Quebec, Canada

This is a great time to resurrect an old thread.

Homes are starting to come onto the market place when the rules were different.