Aluminum Entrance Conductor - Neutral Issue?

Once again, taking advantage of the experienced minds here - Please spare me on making fun of my crap Flir One - I don’t have the big inspector money yet …
Does this photo indicate a loose termination at the neutral lug? I did not go hands-on (in hindsight I probably could have just gave a wiggle)

Randy, it could indicate that overheating but I don’t think 4.5 F between the breakers and the neutral termination is enough information to go on, especially in different pictures.

Best to you.


With such a low temperature differential a regular old photo might be better to analyze the neutral connection.

For future - what temperature differential would be of concern?

That could simply be a reflection since you are shooting bare aluminum lugs.

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So does this also mean you do not have funds to get properly trained before using equipment that could get you into trouble. Just looking out for you

Hey David - If you are “just looking out” for me as you stated, perhaps you should try providing some valuable feedback next time. Thanks buddy.

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I did give you valuable advice. Your choice to accept or ignore.

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Limit your exposure to liability please.
The equipment and experience, or lack there of, are exposing you to unwanted liability.

With good equipment you do not have to remove the front.


That would be one of the most false things I have ever read. Do you have an x-ray enabled thermal camera?


WAFI alert

I use these so I don’t have to remove the dead front


Hey Joe, I am new at this. Why does InterNachi SOP state not to remove the dead front but it seems like most inspectors do and it’s required here in WI?

That’s not what it states…“Not Required” has a different meaning.

I get that but in other info states that it’s very dangerous and not to do it.

What other info?

I see you have not resigned yet.
Too bad.
So sad for the organization.

Yes. really.
180X240 Ti300 60 Hz.
I did not remove the front nor did I load the circuit. I use to but no longer. I use to load equipment circuits for >< 15 minutes them take an image as well as measure load on the SEC.

The image panel fronts ambient average temperature is ><67.2° approximately. Max temp 72.6° Min.=63.4 in the bays outside the panel. Read the index below.

Look at the 3D image below. You can see the temperature spikes from the objects emitting heat.
You do not think heat radiating from a loose SEC termination on the hot lug would not show up? Hm…