AM I missing somthing here?

Look at the gfci breaker
I know its not right, but what did they do???
Shouldn’t the hot wire be installed under a different screw or is this normal.

I am used to seeing them without the neutral being stuffed in with the pigtail. Older panel and breaker.

Why would they show a splice on the load neutral? Typically they connect directly to the CB making this graphic somewhat confusing.

Sean, just a tip… Change the name of the picture, so that no one could find the location from the filename.

This is the exact reason for my confusion! Like I said it was an older breaker 16 years exactly. I personaly have never seen an installation this way.

Yeah, I wanted an answer and did not want to waste time while doing the report.

While the image is not what normally happens…it is also technically correct regardless. Nothing in the NEC would prohibit a contractor from splicing a “MISTAKE” they might have made in cutting off the neutral [grounded conductor] too short and adding that pigtail. While not the norm…still compliant never the less.

In regards to the graphic larry posted…I never actually looked at the original posters picture…lol…sorry

ok…now I look at this image and something strikes me as odd. The neutral [grounded conductor] should not be jamed in with the GFCI grounded jumper. I believe their should be another lug on that breaker that is not being used. If this is the case the GFCI will not function as intended when the intent is needed…say that 5 times in a row why don’t ya !

But alas…my eyes may be screwing with me

Hi Paul , the insulated conductors loo a little over striped. IMO:D

lol…yeah I was holding my breath on that one as I doubt it meets the technical concept of “encircle”…lol…but hey they atleast tried.:roll:

lol…I just read your statement again…lol…I thought you meant the stripes of BLACK marker on the grounded conductors in order to ATTEMPT to re-identify them…lol…man I gotta read the posts better as I am multi-tasking tonight.:mrgreen:

Paul… put down the burger and slowly back away… or are you getting in shape to fit in your Santa outfit? :wink:

Ahhh, so the CB is so old that it came with two factory installed pigtails.

Is this the correct answer???
Did they actually do it this way, because I thought it was stuffed in the hole, which is why it looked strange.

Before my time I guess.

Pretty well ever thing is before your time here .lolol Now get to work your wife is shopping.