Amazing what you can do with Copper?

Someone was…con"fused"…yuk yuk…:D:roll:

So now you are a plumber too Paul?:roll: :smiley:

This was usually done where you needed an isolation switch and not wanting to have another set of fuses to blow if there was an over load.
Should be tagged stating Isolation only fused disconnect at &(^^& location.
Roy Cooke Sr

Just like the penny in the fuse socket trick.

This is sooooooo dumb.

Even people who don’t know jack about electrical should know better.

I knew the safety hazard when I was a child.


And how much 3 phase work have you done ?
Roy Cooke sr


So I’ll shut up now and come back when I know what i’m looking at.

Sorry for the inconvenience. :oops:

Do not go and hide .

, I don’t think you are the only one who had doubts about this .
Please do not hesitate to challenge us at any time this is how we all learn.
I have done this at two am on a long week end when we have to get equipment going and no suppliers are open .
There was a set of false fuses you could buy to put in do not know if they are still available Been many years sice I have done this .
Roy Cooke sr

This is legal?

And safe?

I can see nothing unsafe about it as it should only be used as an isolation switch no different then an unfused isolation switch .
If you look at my first post you will see that I said there had to be protection upstream.
If you have two fused disconnects you could end up under an overload situation blowing all six fuses .
then when Maintenance came and fixed the Jam or what ever else had caused the fuse to blow could not get the line to start .
Many maintenance men are mechanical and do not always know all about electricity .
They usually do not even test fuses just fix the jam and put in three new fuses.
Lets look at it as a fused disconnect out side at you Air conditioner . It quits and you go to you Breaker panel in the basement and see the breaker has tripped you reset it and the AC will not start would most home owners not know that there are fuses out side .Thats why ac units use an unfused isolation switch at the unit.
Hope I explained it OK
Roy Cooke Sr

yes, that does make a lot more sense.

I guess I was caught up more on the continuity of pipe itself and maybe how securely the pipes are held by the fuse terminals.

Just happens to be the same size as 600 volt fuses.
Roy Cooke sr. Yes I know USA is 440 volt .same fuses

CC…Sad thing is…THEY DONT…lol…


While I have done quite a bit of (3) phase wiring, I would never allow one of my guys to use a listed and labeled switching device with something other than what is designed to use in the device itself.

The safety part of this is we have NO idea what is ahead of it or beyond it…so without any knoweldge of that it is a wrongful installation.

But again....thats just my opinion of it....:)

I understand the penny concept well enough, but 45 years ago when I was just a raring to go todler. my father said that putting a penny under the fuse would save him a penny, and then proceeded to take his knife and cut the wrapper copper around the buse fuse or whatever you call it and spin a portion of that under the fuse. Worked fine, His welder had to keep operating to maintain. I said Dad, is this right. He answered, no but will have to do for now.

Some times things are not always right, but correct to get out of a bind to keep things happening, as long as you do not forget. It was unsafe then and still is, but how many of us are left that know this type of thing??

Unfortunately, too many of the commen laymen are hearing about these tricks that are unsafe and persuing to try it themselves.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I agree with Paul. If this switch is installed as a switch and does not require fusing, it is still a direct violation of 110.3(B). This switch is not listed to have copper piping installed in it. We do not know the rating of the copper piping and how it will react to any kind of fault situation/withstand rating.
Good call Paul and I am glad you are teaching your men the correct way to install electrical apparatus.

Thats why I said it should be tagged. There was available many years ago dummy fuses for just this same thing .
But at two am in the morning and the line has to start at 600 am lots of strange things are done .
Roy Cooke Sr .

lol…I hear ya ROY…I got you BUD…but you know those Canadians dont TAG anything…lol…